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    Default Persona 4

    Let the bloodbath begin.

    Souji-senpai (AKA: MC): IXXX
    - He's definitely an introvert, just because he seems to get so drained despite having only a few things to do each day. Other than that, you can decide the other 3 depending on your actions! Endless possibility!

    Chie-chan: ISFP
    - Oh Chie, you never let us down with your martial artsery. I say she is an ISFP solely because she is very much an S, and very much an F - her P comes into play in that, she's often very unforceful with her feeling judgements. You have to really make Chie mad in order to make Chie mad. And her Se is very high, very high indeed. She could be an ESFP, but she's more of an introvert - her and Yukiko are best friends, and to be honest, not much is ever made of them having or wanting friends beyond themselves.

    Yukiko-chan: INFJ
    You never really get to see the N/S dichotomy with Yukiko, but I'm leaning N because of the fact that her intuition is usually there, and usually good. She's an IXFJ of some sort by default - her character archetype is that of the "perfect Japanese woman", stereotypically ISFJ. But her N is definitely more prominent than her S.

    Yosuke-san: ESTP
    No explanation required.

    Rise-chan: ENFJ
    She is such an ENFJ it's not even funny. Though, like always for me, the S/N dichotomy could be different. The reason I'm leaning towards N is because of the role she takes in the party - her persona's very power is the power to analytically figure out what enemy weaknesses are.

    Kanji-kun: ISTJ
    Oh Kanji, you're so hard to figure out. You're all gooey on the inside, but hide it all behind a facade of manliness. Even so, you're likely still a T - your Fi, however, is definitely third. You rebel you. Go sew.

    Teddie: ENFP
    "Just say the word, and it's BEAR TIME!"
    "What a teddieous fight!"
    "I'm all limp -_-*"
    He's total Fi and Extravert. I'm leaning towards the N with Teddie, mostly because his entire reason for having a shadow was due to his obsession with figuring out why he exists. He comes to the truth, though, and rejects it.

    She's a total INTJ. Like, the stereotypical INTJ.

    NPCs but Goodies

    Dojima-san: ISTJ
    Should have been a playable character. ISTJ detective stereotype.

    Nanako-chan: Cute Little Girl (I?FJ)
    She keeps the house clean and always wants her daddy to come home. She's learned to deal with being forced to be in all the time, and doesn't really mind just staying home and watching TV. She could be an extravert, however, but you can't really say because she's never really placed in a context outside her household. She's most happy when she's with people she's close to.

    Adachi-san: Damaged ESTP
    He's basically a goofball detective on the surface, but inside, he begins to convince himself that everything is worthless and meaningless. ESTP works for him, I think.. but it could be any other type. We only see his false persona; we never see Adachi as he truly is, except for his final battle. In that state, he could be anyone who was truly damaged.

    There are more interesting ones, but those are the main characters.
    "Can you set me free from this dark inner world? Save me now, last beats in the soul.."

    Fonewearl and proud of it!

    I (85%) - N (80%) - F (35%) - P (90%)
    O: 94% C: 18% E: 21% A: 94% N: 38%
    9w1 (SP, SX, SO)
    (9, 5, 4)
    RCUAI (Primary Calm)

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    I love persona 3 and 4, best storylines ever. I'd say that you are spot on with almost every single one of these... Good job

    my comments:

    Souji - As i said in my persona 3 thread, the MC is what you want him to be

    Chie - could very well be ISFP, but i wouldn't say very strong F at all. I'm actually leaning more towards ISTP for her

    Yukiko - INF for sure, i could see INFP for her too. Man if she was real she would totally be my perfect girlfriend

    Yosuke - ESTP all the way

    Rise - EXFJ is for certain as you said, N most likely i think

    Kanji - ISTJ for sure

    Teddie - ENFP, probably the easiest to type of all the characters

    Naoto - INTJ sounds about right, i'm not sure about anything here

    Dojima - classic ISTJ detective

    Nanako - probably too young to type, i could see ISFJ for her though

    Adachi - I think he seems like an ESTP over the course of the game, and more like an ENTP in the end

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    Souji - You choose how he reactions, so the protagonist acts as a reflection of yourself...

    Chie - I'm going to write her off as an esFp, because she certainly isn't lacking in Te, she has a strong sense of morality (especially revealed at the end), she's not an intuitive. But if she was, I'd say Ni(it's not completely absent, like SOMEBODY else coming up)... And her Ti is horribly lacking. She reminds me of my friend, another eSfp.

    Yukiko - Yukiko is an esFj. When her internal thoughts were revealed, her focus was very much on other people and their perception of her, she was extremely preoccupied with maintaining a comfortable atmosphere when they stayed at her inn, she's VERY externally expressive with her emotions (Fe), and I'm sorry, but there's no chance in hell she's an intuitive dom. Her lack of Ni is painstakingly obvious to me as a Ni-dom. Like at the club. Placebo effect, anyone? She's not inwardly focused, AT ALL. She reminds me of my mother, as well, also an esFj. She seems very fickle to me... her shadow resulted from her conforming to standards placed on her, so much that it collapsed in on her... makes sense, doesn't it?

    Yosuke - eStp, this guy shoots his mouth of before he stops to think, practically all of the time. Every time I hear his voice, I want to tell him to shut up... I was annoyed with his character from the very beginning. Se-Te-Fi-Ni (very in the moment, he's at least consistent with his actions and moral judgments and doesn't really seem to care what other people think, so no Fe... His Se-Te combination is what makes me want to punch him in the face, if I possibly could, through the tv, and his lack of Ni is the clincher. I wish he would drop off of a cliff.

    Rise - enFj is for certain as you said... She is definitely extraverted, and despite the initial impression one may get from her, as the plot progresses, you see she actually does engage her Ni quite a bit. Like with her intuitive ability to know and sense things in the shadow realm, and going to a small restaurant knowing people wouldn't recognize her, knowing that she'd be able to get them into the club (planning it without telling them before the plan, nonetheless). Above all, though, her Fe is the most prominent, which is why she treated her friends to things. We saw her Se, as a performer, but that's because that's pretty much what you see from generic large-scale performers... we never heard her music, after all. Lastly, she doesn't really try to correct people a lot, does she (Te)? I never witnessed it once...

    Kanji - isTp, he has the whole badass presentation display going on, while he's secretly a softy inside (Fe). His Ni wasn't so poorly developed, and he did make connections, though he had a preference for acting in the moment. Above all, though, I think he spent more time assessing a situation at hand (unless provoked, not having a ton of control over his emotions, and with them being the least preferred, hence his need to deny them and his shadow), and a lot less time talking. Ti-Se-Ni-Fe.

    Teddie - eNfp. He plays with his Ne. He is almost as annoying to me as Yosuke. His thought process is very flightly, yet he's VERY obviously people-oriented, concerned with remaining internally consistent, hence questioning whether he should return to his own world, though as a Ne-dom... yeah, that's not gonna stick very long. He doesn't seem to demonstrate much Te, aside from when he was explaining his world, and he, though lacking the means, was preoccupied with his origins, what his true self was. That's an eNfp associated attribute, and corresponds to NFs, in general. He did have SOME detail awareness... just not when it was appreciated. Like when he was recalling certain events the rest of the guys hated him for bringing up, and wished he would just drop it.

    Naoto - iNfj, definite Ni-dom. The way she forms deductions and intuits the underlying meaning to a situation, not so much brainstorming, is a dead giveaway, especially when it came to Adachi. She liked to build things (Ti-Se) but was definitely agitated by the fact nobody would listen to her, discrediting her perspective SIMPLY because of perceptions that she was lacking. Fuck, it pisses me off too, as an iNfj, and I immediately identified with her issues, because they're the same damn issues I have to deal with. She had GREAT insight into people, and their motivations(classic Ni-Fe, just go read "The Many Faces of the INFJ"), which leads me to believe she wasn't an iNtj, which though they have good insight, they aren't usually interested in understanding people, and consider it a waste of time, when they could be focusing on things like unraveling the reasons behind forces of nature. At the end when she confronted Adachi, her communication pattern was a dead giveaway that she had a much deeper understanding of society and morality... I'd say she has a Ti>Fe preference, like myself, which would explain why I identified.

    Dojima - iStj. His lack of Fe was why poor Naniko suffered so much ;-; He was so lacking of intuition, that true clue wouldn't hit him if it smacked him upside the head (lack of Ni), and he showed a definite tendency towards loyalty to belief despite an evolving situation (He still treated Adachi like a friend, requiring a stretcher as a personal favor, despite Adachi being responsible for what happened to his daughter and murdering others), which is a definite Si attribute. And the way he dictated things around the household was characteristic Te.

    Adachi - iNfj. I think he may have been an iNfj who went over the edge. Becoming like him is something I could see happening to me, like with Light Yagami, (Destroyer of Worlds in "Many faces of the INFJ"). He had a great understanding of morality, and obviously spent a long time contemplating the implications of people turning into shadows... a lot. And society as a whole (Fe). Se was definitely there... but it seemed to be more in retrospective explanation. And Ti. He did know how people work... Sadly, I related to him too much. What Naoto said actually hurt a core part of me at the end, too, because I knew it was the truth, and I've done the same as Adachi.


    Also, I think the "I did it because I was bored" think was only partly true, but at that point, he didn't want people to see that, because it was a sensitive, secretive part of himself, that only when his shadow broke did he reveal.

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