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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinlan View Post
    So good, you agreed twice?
    Oh, shit! I hav'nt seen dat!

    Did you read the Meditations? There is no way he's a perciever. I'd go for INfJ, though his battlefield efficiency makes me wonder.
    No, I did'nt. Actually, of course I've seen strong J leanings with Marcus, but I think it's above all because of a strong tertiary Si.
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    Actually, good point on the introverted part. His warmth stems from tertiary Fi, I'd say....


    It covers his strategic skills, his reluctantance at taking up leadership but still doing it (I see this in my own INTJ..doesn't wanna run the joint, but nobody frigging ever gets it right if he doesn't do it, and people subsequently love him for sorting shit out, at which point he grooms someone to take over so he can be rid of it all), his love and therefore duty to the (idealistic) greatness of Rome and his warmth as a person.

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