I have a feeling that posting this isn't a good idea, but, obviously, I'm going ahead with it anyway.

Lee Oswald is a much-talked about person, but I've never seen anyone other than Tom Condon, author of a few Enneagram books, try and type him (and that doesn't even really count, because I'm talking about typing him with MBTI, not Enneagram). He's very interesting, albeit controversial and enigmatic, so this is kind of strange.

I think he was an unhealthy, unstable ISTP. He was quiet, reserved, and solitary. He was very impulsive and spontaneous, and had a bad temper. He had a hard time thinking before acting. He was cold, aloof, detached, and, perhaps strangely, fairly rational and logical. He was ambitious, with dreams of fame and power. When he wanted to be, he could be charming and nice.

My opinion is based on the books and articles I've read about him; in this case, that means books and articles that were written by people who believe that Oswald was JFK's assassin, and his only assassin. If you believe otherwise, that's fine. I don't want this thread to become a raging debate about the JFK assassination - debate Oswald's type, and the accuracy of any sources used, if you want, but nothing else! ...plz.