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Thread: Veronica Mars

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    Quote Originally Posted by sciski View Post
    What about pre-trauma Veronica? The Veronica in the flashbacks was no ENTJ.
    I'm pretty unfamiliar with the show so I can't respond to this directly, but isn't this not supposed to be possible? I guess it's TV, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sciski View Post
    What about pre-trauma Veronica? The Veronica in the flashbacks was no ENTJ.
    Meh. It's an error in the writing IMO. They portrayed pre-trauma Veronica as a giggly teenage ISFP or something. Which she clearly isn't.......right?

    actually, she could be INTJ. i know one that can be quite bubbly when he wants to be. then again, he's also kinda lazy, compared to veronica anyway.

    let's go with XXXX then.. haha.
    A colleague of the great scientist James Watson remarked that Watson was always “lounging around, arguing about problems instead of doing experiments.” He concluded that “There is more than one way of doing good science.”
    It was Watson’s form of idleness, the scientist went on to say, that allowed him to solve “the greatest of all biological problems: the discovery of the structure of DNA.” It's a point worth remembering in a society overly concerned with efficiency.

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    I'm not disagreeing that cynical-current-Veronica is ENTJ, I'm just interested in what type she used to be. I was thinking along the lines of ISFP, which could mean an interesting stress-induced 'flipping' of her personality. And that's pretty neat in terms of characterisation.

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    I think it's possible that pre-Lilly's death Veronica was still some sort of NT. She was rather vapid as shown, but she was a teenage girl. I mean, I definitely don't see ENTJ, but something like INTJ? Not that I've ever met an INTJ like that.

    But yeah, hard character to type! The writing surrounding pre-trauma Veronica probably is a little inconsistent. The graduation day dream sequence was also pretty interesting in that respect.

    I think Lilly is also a tough character. It seems like it's between an SP and NJ...either she was what she appears: a reckless, hedonistic ESFP; or she's something else entirely. A manipulative ENFJ? I'm probably reading into that too much.

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    I love Veronica Mars! ENTJ is probably right for her and ENFP for Logan isn't far off. I really don't know, but I think Kristen Bell is ENFJ and I definitely think Veronica Mars is 6w5.

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