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Thread: Woody Allen

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    entp. Stardust Memories convinced me of that.

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    i thought entp. i think ntp as a 3w4. 3s are focused on the world more than the self. until the 4 wing kicks in. then they think they are focused on the self, but it's still filtered thru so much impression management and image control that they don't actually see the self anyway. they see the self solely as a Ti story.

    it makes them much better at Fe in the one direction, they learn how to be charming and how to effect certain things when they are trying to impress someone. but they basically power-scan and super-skim and call it listening/reading, bc they rarely actually listen to anyone else in a meaningful holistic way (relationally?). they are excellent excellent story tellers bc what they do is make up yarns to the point of being compulsive liars. their philosophy of truth says that this happens in every aspect of life anyway so who cares (which is probably true, but they are more voldemort-scientific with it, especially when they want to GET something).

    they have more Fe on the surface bc they use it more when playing the game, but it is still inferior and a source of huuuuge stress on them which is why sometimes they lash out shockingly. they hate giving any credence to personal values that oppose their Ti judgments, and the vulnerability of others just reads as an excuse to them. they have a very strong sense of entitlement (which may be true of w4 for 5w4 as well). i recognize them eventually as intp 3w4 more so bc their Si is far from terrible like the fun-loving crazy-haired entps i know. plus i don't see dom Ne, they seem to fixated on specific Ti judgments and don't enjoy reframing/imagining with the same love of the game.

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