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    Default William the Conqueror's type

    I've been curious about his type for a while. I haven't been able to find any quotes or such spoken by him, but from his actions, my guess is that he was either an xNFJ or xNTJ. The following might help in the analysis:

    History of the Monarchy > The Normans > William I

    One of my friends thinks ENTJ, and I guess I can see that. Does everyone else agree?
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    I think he was INTJ.

    Firstly, in his childhood it was rather brutal. Someone close to him was stabbed to death in the same bed, you see his absolute retribution on wrongdoers (An absolute will) He was illiterate. You see the cunning in all sorts of his endeavors to siege various towns. You see the Norman Conquest as subjugation of the English and the building of title systems and castles etc. You see the Normans as vindicating their actions through association with the Papal Christianity (Templars etc).

    A pure co-coordinated machine to dominate, construct and carve their way. Not like these lefty Anglo Saxons that now run Britain...

    But then again, I'm biased; my surname is the ancestral village name of the Plantagenet’s.

    Ps: It’s my theory that his invasion of Britain was specifically delayed to allow his Viking "brothers" to pull the army away from the South East of Britain, blaming the "poor wind conditions". I bet he bided his time, I believe he was smarter than chance. A brilliant strategist - INTJ.

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