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Thread: Macross Plus

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    Default Macross Plus

    Isamu: ESTP
    Guld: ISTJ
    Myung: ISFJ

    And... tada!

    Sharon: EXFJ

    Or am I being mean to rainbows?

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    Sharon seems to be an evil ESFJ. Wait... is there any other kind?

    And Ranka seems to be ENFP. So bubbly, so ditzy, so trusting, so pure.
    Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.


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    Macross Plus Episode 4 (4/5)

    So, Isamu's barreling down the hellfire pipeline--a huge number of rockets, missiles, bullets, etc--launched at him by Sharon... because Sharon copied Myung's emotional life into her own and got a jump start on being a fully conscious entity.

    Myung: Why? Why are you doing this...?
    Sharon: It's what you want. To give them... To give each and every one in the world the feelings you think they should have. To give the one you love his dearest dream. To give him... the ultimate emotion. That is the reason for my existence.

    S by default, but as an AI... who knows?

    Now I feel bad... picking on the FJs...

    But I always liked Macross Plus.


    right at the end of the spoiler clip above is to my mind the very best part of Yoko Kanno's soundtrack--Torch Song

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