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    Elizabeth - INFJ (1w2?)
    Mr. Darcy - INTJ (1w9? If they're both e1s their dynamic makes so much sense. )
    Jane - ISFJ
    Mrs. Bennet - ESFJ 2/3
    Mr. Bennet - INTP 5
    Mary Bennett - ISTJ, 1 or 6
    Lydia Bennett - ESFP 7w6
    Kitty Bennett - ISFx
    Mr. Bingley - ESFP
    Caroline Bingley - SJ
    Mr. Wickham - ESTP
    Mr. Collins - ISTJ?
    Catherine DeBourgh - ESTJ

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    Default Pride and Prejudice MBTI

    Elizabeth appears to be ENFJ for everyone (she's even typed as an ENFJ on 16 personalities) but I'm seeing her more like an INFJ: for example at the beginning of the book when she explains she finds interesting to discover and analyse personalities of people around her.
    I could be wrong since Ni is also one of the four functions of ENFJs but some sentences let me think she's way more INFJ than ENFJ.
    "There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it."

    So for me, characters from Pride and Prejudice as MBTI types would be:
    -M.Darcy : INTJ
    -Elizabeth Bennet: INFJ
    -Charles Bingley: ENFP
    -Mister Collins: soooo ISTJ
    -George Wickham: ESTP? Not sure
    -Lady Catherine de Bourgh: ESTJ (no doubt on this)
    -Jane Bennet: ISFP
    -Mrs. Bennet: ENTJ? E and J are for sure
    -Lydia Bennet: ESFJ I guess
    -M. Bennet: INTP
    -Mary Bennet: ISTJ
    -Caroline Bingley: ISFJ
    -Georgiana Darcy: I don't know for sure, some are saying she's INFJ or ISFJ so maybe something between these two
    -Kitty Bennet: ESFP

    Again I'm not a hundred percent sure of what I'm saying but that's what I'm thinking

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    In my opinion, Elizabeth uses Fi. Here is a quote from a post that argues that she is an ENFP: ''She refuses to marry for anything other than love, but does not share her feelings about Darcy as they shift and change until the last possible moment. Lizzie reacts to a slight against her with mockery, preferring not to talk about it with Jane or Charlotte but to instead divert attention away so she can process it in private. She is appalled that Charlotte would marry someone as irritating as Mr. Collins purely for security. Even though she believes her father is wrong in not stopping Lydia from going to Bath with her friends, she respects his decision and does nothing to impede it. If Lizzie does not like the company in the room, she excuses herself, turns to a book, or makes a polite mockery of them in private. Lizzie has very little regard for status or position and refuses to answer questions from Lady Catherine that she dislikes or to submit to her authority. Even though Lizzie believes in marrying for love, she freely admits with a twinkle in her eye that seeing Pemberley made all the difference in her affections for Mr. Darcy, because, after all, being in love is a fine thing… being in love and a wealthy woman is an even better thing! Even though she is initially outraged at Darcy’s allegations against the behavior of her mother and sisters at the ball, she is detached enough to see that his bias is well founded and factually based (they are inappropriate) and so concedes he is right and his opinions are valid. Lizzie flat out refuses to marry Mr. Collins out of dislike, and minces no words when telling Mr. Darcy all the reasons she would never accept his proposal". Even if you argued that she uses Ni, then I guess she could be an ESFP, or an INTJ (which I think is highly unlikely).

    I also think she is an Ne dom-she is very playful and witty (based on my experience ENFPs are much more playful than INFJs). She has a "lively, playful disposition, which delighted in anything ridiculous"...very ENFP. Also, I think that Ni dom would be a better judge of character, they would have intuitvely known that Darcy was internally a good person. Rather, Elizabeth needed more experiences with Darcy to truly make out his character. And just because she likes to analyze different characters doesn't mean that she's an INFJ, most NFs in general enjoy doing this.

    So these are my overall opinions:
    -Mr. Darcy: IxTJ, I used to think INTJ but honestly I'm not sure anymore.
    -Elizabeth Bennet: ENFP
    -Charles Bingley: ESFJ
    -Mister Collins: ISTJ
    -George Wickham: ESTP is a possibilty...what about an unhealthy ENFJ? He could be possibly manipulative due to auxiliary Fe...
    -Lady Catherine de Bourgh: ESTJ
    -Jane Bennet: I've seen ISFJ, ISFP, and INFP. She is certainly an Fi user, because she has difficulty revealing her emotions to Bingley. But I'm not really sure whether or not she uses Se or Ne...
    -Mrs. Bennet: ESFJ
    -Lydia Bennet: textbook ESFP
    -Mr. Bennet: INTP
    -Mary Bennet: ISTJ
    -Caroline Bingley: ESTJ
    -Georgiana Darcy: Yes, some sort of IxFJ, I think ISFJ
    -Kitty Bennet: ISFP (introverted version of Lydia)
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    I agree that Lizzie is an ENFP. The only other type I could see her as is ENFJ. The "lively, playful disposition" description does not sound like an INFJ, or really an introvert, but I could see how the 1995 miniseries might influence that due to Lizzie seeming more subdued and self-contained in that version. Darcy is definitely ITJ, but I don't think we see enough of him to determine S or N. Jane is another character that I don't think we really know well enough to type. If anything her personality seems to align most closely with enneagram 9 rather than a specific MBTI type.

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