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Thread: Director types

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    Default Director types

    a short list to kick it off

    Hitchcock ENTP
    Terantino ENTP
    George Lucas INTP
    Ridley Scott INTJ
    David Lynch INFP
    Joss Whedon INFP
    Clint Eastwood ISTP
    Spielberg ENFP
    Guillermo del Toro ?NF?
    Oliver Stone ?NFP
    Stanley Kubrick INTP
    Martin Scorsesi ?
    Sam Raimi ?
    John Woo ?
    Dario Argento ?
    John Carpenter ?
    Roger Corman ?

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    I don't know, man. When I run across a list, I feel like if I disagree with one, agreement is implied on all the rest. I better say nothing.

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