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Thread: Piers Anthony?

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    Default Piers Anthony?

    I've been re-reading the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony, and was curious what others thought his type is.

    When I first read the books (when they were relatively new), I read them months to years apart, but in re-reading them back to back, it becomes clear how much the story would have had to been thought out in a lot of detail from the very beginning, and while Ne might be capable of this, I think it points more to Ni as a greater probability. Most of the characters are very likable to me and I can usually empathize with the views of the character with the way the story is told (at the very least I'm not left wondering WTF did so and so do that), but I don't really think its done in a way that T or F could be pinpointed from character development as there is representation of characters motivated be both principals and values and neither seems to be given a more favorable tone than the other. In the author's notes of the various books, he talks about how much he cares for the characters he develops which seems like an F trait to me, but one of the other things he brings up a lot is how important efficient use of time is to him and efficiency in general which seems like a T trait to me. He also expresses a strong affinity for both music and nature (which shows up in the stories as well) and while I also identify strongly with both as an INFP, I don't really think those alone can point to any type.

    My impression is that a strong case for either INxJ could be made, but I think there is enough of an F leaning that I would guess INFJ.

    I'm curious if readers of Xanth and his other works would agree with that typing of him and find it consistent with his other works or not, and what insights they might have based on a different perspective.

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    Xanth... world full of puns... INFJ. His books make me laugh every time.
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