I was trying to type the characters from the masterpiece of Machado de Assis, Dom Casmurro.

Capitu: extroverted, dissimulative and with perfect skills to guise her emotions and/or simulate others. Long range view, but dissimulated under the good wife and friend mask. Can be highly seductive, with her famous deep eyes. Well, I think to have described ENFJ.
But, if Bento's theory about the betrayal are wrong, she could be just a very skillful ESFJ.

Dona Gloria: the typical matriarch; very religious; is always related to the past; always thinks in moral ways. Has many "aggregates". Looks like _SFJ.

Escobar: inteligent, great with figures; very determined and entrepeneur; good social skills; efficience related; hard to hold, always looking around, with very precise hands and steps and "always escaping" eyes. I guess ESTJ or ENTP - I don't know how cunning he actually was, as Bento isn't the most reliable font of information.

Bento Santiago: The protagonist and narrator. He is probably an unhealthly type, wich gone mad with the possibility of betrayal. He is very envious(the intelignece of Escobar) and jealous(about Capitu and everything else). He imagined all the "plot", the betrayal etc based on rather unconclusive proofs, as the similarity between Ezequiel, his son, and Escobar. He also uses some subjective proofs, as the eyes of Capitu in the funeral of Escobar, or simply saying "I know that it happened". A little cruel and perturbed, as he almost poisoned his son, became happy with his wife and son deaths etc (well, those are more part of his madness than a specific type). The major mission of the book is to proof that he was the victim and that Capitu actually betrayed him. I will try to guess IN__. His actions does not sound me very INTJ, or at least does not looks like with the archetypical "unhealthly INTJ". Maybe INFJ (I really don't know how is a mad INFJ)?


Well, thoughts? Discuss.