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So I am willing to entertain the idea that Drew might be an Extravert, but whether she is E or I she is someone that you have to watch for more than a 6 minute interview to determine whether she is E or I. She is not someone who is a clear cut E.
Returning to this one after my initial "NOT E?!" reaction has subsided.

I agree with you that Introverts can seem Extroverted for concentrated periods of time. I do think even socially confident Introverts tend to give themselves away on talk shows (pausing more, being less attuned to the audience, relying more on stimulation from the host while interacting less with him or her once talking), but perhaps I am overestimating my ability to judge E/I based on talk shows.

Has anyone seen the episodes of Saturday Night Live that she hosted? I can't find them on YouTube and I would love to hear how she did, especially when she was a kid/a teenager - unless, of course, the show is scripted? (I've never seen it.)