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Well, in your defense, interviews rarely convey honest character and are often more about charismatic posture, as a means to promote upcoming movies/television shows, etc.

INTP isn't necessarily out of the ballpark.
Yeah, interviews like these almost always ask concrete questions, so people are far more likely to answer in concrete ways.
Yes, but I have not seen similars comportments in interviews of other INTP actor like Dustin Hoffman or Hayden Christensten.

However, Paul Walker certainly exhibits ESTP mannerisms.
I've remarked this too. These mannerisms are frequent with many ESTP, I've myself some of these mannerism too sometimes. Aniway, it's funny because in interviews of Angelina Jolie, I would swear that she was one of my ESTP friend (a girl) who've entered in her body so the mannerisms and intonations between both are similars.