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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Flak View Post
    I skimmed it. It still seems...Ridiculous, for lack of a more appropriate term. It would mean that she's INTJ and ENTj.
    Yes, exactly...sort of. Myers Briggs tends to oversimplify things whereas socionics delves deeper into the twists and variations of type.

    Extroverted or introverted doesn't describe whether you're into being social and "out there" all the time or more describes the order of your primary to fourth functions.

    Basically, like her, my introversion and extroversion are pretty much equal and I may appear as an INTJ but the way I perceive and deal with the world is more like that of an ENTJ.

    "I have no need for good souls; an accomplice is what I want"--Sartre

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    ayn rand is INTJ.

    I even have a real life INTJ test subject (self typed and everybody else typed, family member INTJ) who is an ayn rand "fan".

    1. besides the function order, ENTJs are more "real world" people. They are more superficial and care more about shit that actually works and is observed in the real world. (tertiary Se + primary Te)

    2. Ayn rand fits the classic unhealthy Ni dom. She has these ideas that come from nowhere that when combined with Fi lead to a black and white view of the world. ENTJs can also have black and white views of the world due to Te. However, the INTJ version of "only seeing black and white" is especially obvious because they wont listen to the evidence that shows a reality of gray areas. An ENTJ would read Ayn's theories and then look for real world evidence (Se) and then conclude how oversimplified shes made it.

    3. Ayn rand also suffered from paranoia (the Russians were out to get her if she ever dared fly commercial!). again, this is when Ni + Fi goes terribly wrong in the INTJ. INTJs like to keep this air about being hyper rational. However, they can be right up there with the most irrational when they get really attached to ideas. Ayn was so attached to her ideas that she went bat shit crazy in the face of THE REAL WORLD.

    ex: according to Ayn Rand, someone who values their friends and family over their work is a "bad person". She probably viewed herself as this messahinic tragic hero whose job was to show the world how 100% capitalism was the only way (again, black and white thinking).

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    Wacked out ENTJs tend to be extreme tyrranists.
    Wacked out INTJs tend to be extreme libertarians.

    Unlike ENTJs, INTJs are concerned about the control of self first, then the control of others. Independence is the foundation of INTJ's self worth - Ayn Rand just took it to an extreme, where she basically said "every man for himself"

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    I read The Fountainhead. Each paragraph was a puzzle. There would be massive jumps from one concept to the next, but they'd all be in the same paragraph so they had to be--what would you call them?--the sketching of a system of meaning that included really big leaps of intuition.

    I liked it.

    Roark was a dull character--more of a principle than a person.
    Keating was the only thing keeping me going with the book while reading Part I
    Wynand reminded me so much of an ENTJ I know that I almost recommended the book to her. (Told her to skip Parts I&II.)
    One game I kept playing while reading was looking for evidence that Ellsworth Toohey was ENFJ.

    Dominique Francon remains the one ellusive character. INTJ or INFJ? Couldn't ever tell. And if she was either, then what the hell was up with her?

    The real world? Pshaw. Concrete literalists keeping your intuition at bay. The reason INTJs have brains the size of a planet is reality is subject to concepts, not the other way around, and we need a place to play it out properly. If Rand had accepted the confines of the really real world, her book would have been just as jolly as any other street directory. As it is, she got to make her own streets, so nyah!

    When you get right down to it, though, kind of a lonely book. I read it as an INTJ bible.

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    I think that if Ayn Rand was an ENTJ that she would have tried to run for political office or had been more outspoken outside of her books if she was one.
    I think she was an INTJ.
    MBTI Type: iNTj
    Enneagram Type: 3w4 sp/sx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mondo View Post
    I think that if Ayn Rand was an ENTJ that she would have tried to run for political office
    exactly, Mrs. Thatcher was the ENTJ who put her ideas into practice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigel Tufnel View Post
    exactly, Mrs. Thatcher was the ENTJ who put her ideas into practice

    Good comment, which was roughly what I was about to post! Ah, but you beat me to it ...
    Look into my avatar. Look deep into my avatar...

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    INTJ 1w9-5w4-4w? Sp/Sx?

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    No no, you ENTJs can take her if you want. That way she's one more letter removed from me.

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    I think waht people try to say is that a person can be socially an Introvert but an E type. Your cognitive functions define if you are intreoverted oer ewxtroverted for MBTI. How you interqact with other people is a factorbut not the dominating factor. Can one of the people tthat type her as an INTJ explain how a woman that calls herself "advocate of reason" her school of thought "objectivism" and is basically obsessed with reason and logic prefers Ni over Te? I just don't fucking see it. I mean, I don't care that much. I don't liker her. I don't really care about her. But it baffles me that some pepople on the internet seem to think that reason and logic in a way Rand upholds is somehow connected more to INTJ than ENTJ. No, INTJs are not the "most logical type" as one guy in a discussion once declared it. That is Te, not Ni.

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