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    Quote Originally Posted by Take Five View Post
    Captain John Miller from Saving Private Ryan also by Hanks
    Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby
    I 'm sorry for bringing back an old thread; I hate to veer away from the friendly, open-minded, mature, and incredibly important debates concerning the MBTI profiles of Batman and Sherlock Holmes; and I apologize for not having any suggestions to add for the OP -- but I would take issue with the suggestions quoted here.

    Captain Miller, ISTJ? He seems more NF to me. Not sure about J, either, though I agree that he seems introverted. I could probably be persuaded to see the sergeant as ISTJ, though it wouldn't be my first guess.

    I'll also echo SillySapienne in wondering about Nick Carraway. He doesn't strike me as a Sensor or a Guardian. The line that always sticks with me from Gatsby (which I did enjoy, tremendously, though I've not re-read it in several years), is about Tom and Daisy: "They were careless people." There is absolutely nothing an INTJ notices, or disapproves of, more than careless people. Maybe that's a TJ thing, applicable to Sensors as well, but Nick isn't attached to the ideas of poets and fathers, and he seems very intuitive to me. I would probably type him as INTJ.

    I agree with Nick as a T, but I would contest that he is "not overly emotional". He comes very close to falling in love with Jordan, and he is deeply upset by the chain of events that closes the novel. His emotions are there, but he is a very reserved character, and they're kept mostly to himself.

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    I think Sir Alex Ferguson is either ISTJ or INTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by SillySapienne View Post
    Hmm, what makes you think this?
    Lol, you're gonna get mad at me because this has been highly debated but no. He is an ISTJ. I could see maybe INTP for him but otherwise no. He's the one in the book (Nick is) that is always so responsible yet carefree. He's definitely Ne/Si in some measure. I related to him the most when we watched the movie. The reservedness and all. He's Gatsby's voice of reason (who is often typed as INTJ). Whether that comes from Fi or Fe, I wouldn't know, but I'm betting on Fi.

    Let's see, and for Charlie, I would say ISTJ too. Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower, that is. I'm poetic and I'm an ISTJ, you know. It doesn't mean Charlie can't be. His flights of fancy were quite something, though. I highly doubt he's Ni because he has such vivid flashbacks. He has to have Si of some sort. I wouldn't say Fi (as a dominant) because he seems much more concerned with the past and how it affects him than if he feels good or not. It'd be weird to have him as an INFP.

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