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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    I could even go with xNFJ for Vin Diesel.
    Now I'm going to have to dig in and think this through. Let's definitely have the INFJs and ISFJs fight over who he belongs to. This is hilarious.

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    Since it appears I inadvertently signed up for celebrity typing (what's up with that btw?!?) I watched/read the interviews and here is what I got: ISFJ. I also really liked the movie Find Me Guilty and remember it well now. I don't think he is Fe dominant therefore excluding ESFJ. I would say most of the roles he picks are very S type. In fact the Pacifier movie in itself is a good example of this. He is doubtless an F. When watching all of the clips a couple little parts jumped out to me as "wow that sounds almost N-like". He reminds me of all the ISFJs I know though. They are about as close to NF as any of the SJs. If N is developed it's obvious in them and can be mistaken. I think that's why I attract this particular personality because we connect a bit here.

    Find me guilty:
    Wanting to work with a particular person was his biggest draw to the movie.
    Why he liked the character: love, loyalty and family. (very SJ)
    Actually gaining the weight for the movie. That struck me as very S for some reason.

    Liked working with the babies and taking care of them. He talks repeatedly about caretaking on the set. He really mentioned alot of the physical needs and gave lots of descriptions. He certainly in that interview came out as very SF. One of my ISFJ friend wants to have as many kids as he can too (though really this doesn't mean too much I suppose.)

    The red carpet interview:
    He talks alot about making himself sensitive to the process others play, makes him more committed and help with the over all picture. (when he was talking about the big picture it sounded kind of N like. However every ISFJ wants to see the big picture. His N here came out a bit, but not enough to make him overall an NF in my pov.)

    The most telling thing he said when put on the spot and had to improvise about what this movie was to others he said: "We are all accountable to do our duty". It sounded like a life philosophy and perhaps one of the reasons he was attracted to the script. How stereotypical ISFJ do you need to say that?

    This is all an opinion and subject to refutation. However he used many statements and "key words" (committed, loyal, duty etc.) often that I look for when typing people.
    "At points of clarity, I realize that my life on earth is meaningless, and that I am merely a pawn in a bigger game. A game I cannot possibly understand or have control of. Thankfully, before depression sets in, I drift back into my cloudy, bewildered daily routine." **Joel Patrick Warneke**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lookin4theBestNU View Post
    here is what I got: ISFJ.
    Thank you! (That's 'thank you' for taking the time and 'yay' for confirming ISFJ. )

    Since it appears I inadvertently signed up for celebrity typing (what's up with that btw?!?)
    I'm trying to compile a list of 16 world-famous men and women of each type in order to illustrate the MBTI spectrum to newcomers. I'm focusing on actors partly in order to keep the profession constant for fair comparison and partly because actors' (off-screen) personalities are easy to research since they are in the public eye and at the very least do interviews to promote their movies. The idea is to make a webpage when I have almost all types covered.

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