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    Quote Originally Posted by misfortuneteller View Post
    I'mma try:
    Harry - ISFP 9w8 sp/so
    Ron - ESFP 6w7 so/sx
    Hermoine - ESTJ 1w2 sp/so
    Voldemort - ENTJ 3w4 so/sp
    Dumbledore - INFJ 1w9 so/sp
    Snape - INTJ 6w5 sp/sx
    Draco - ESTJ 3w4 so/sp
    Luna - INTP 9w1 sx/sp
    Neville - ISFP 6w7 sp/so
    McGonagall - ISTJ 1w2 so/sp
    Lucius - ESTJ 3w2 so/sp
    Sirius - ESTP 7w6 sx/so
    Peter - ISFJ 6w5 sp/so
    Horace - ENFJ 3w2 so/sp
    Moaning Myrtle - ISFP 4w3 sx/so
    Ollivander - ISTJ 5w4 so/sp
    Rita - ESFJ 3w2 so/sp
    Nagini - ESTP 6w7 sx/so

    I don't know what the types are of the people that i've left out.
    Harry is a 6, Neville is a 9.

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    I haven't read HP in years but I'll try and use my Si powers to remember...

    Harry - ISFP and probably socionics ESI. Enneagram unsure.
    Hermione - I think ESTJ as I imagine an ISTJ to be more passive than she is? I think enneagram 1 and socionics LSE
    Ron - genuinely stumped with this one. I would say enneagram 6w7 though.
    Luna - INFP and probably IEI in socionics though.
    Sirius - ESFP enneagram 7w8 and SEE socionics.
    Snape - INTJ 5w4 and ILI socionics
    Lily - seems INFJ
    James - seems ESTP. As with Lily, it's hard to tell as they are seen through the memories of Snape mainly.
    Neville - not sure but I always related to him. I think he could be a fellow ISFJ? And an enneagram 9 perhaps?
    Remus - INFP? Possibly EII in socionics but then I'm not sure if that makes sense when Sirius and James are most like SEE and SLE.
    Tonks - ENFP enneagram 7w6 and socionics IEE
    Arthur Weasley - ENTP and an ILE. Not sure about enneagram.
    Molly Weasley- think we can safely say ESFJ 2w3 and ESE.
    Minerva McGonnagall- ISTJ and enneagram 1. Possibly LSI in socionics.
    Hagrid - seems SEI in socionics with the whole caregiver thing but not sure about much else
    Ginny - SEE in socionics I think.

    My Si has failed me. I was a teenager when I read the books and now I'm old so...

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