i think he's isfp too, but it is a tough call.

he's out there and scattered adn diffuse, but a head fulla acid will do that to you. i think he';s creative, he has some tertiary introverted intuition. he is definitely Fi dom, watch him talk in an interview and it comes thru so much, the translating his feelings into thoughts. i just get Se way more in terms of his dress and presentation, his physique and movement, and how he seems more technically inclined. his creativity is so much in his implementation, his ear, his actual sensory perceptions. they aren't so much about the connections between things, if you listen to him talk, he doesn't give the impression of being able to turn ideas around in his head and look at them from many different angles. theyre kinda loose and trippy, but not revolving and recombining all the time. he's not juggling them like an infp before they all fall down.

also, dylan, prince, sly stone, michale jackson, carlos santana- i think they're all isfps. he fits into that extremely well.