Just wondering what everyone here would type the characters as. Top Cat's such an underrated cartoon that barely gets brought up in personality typing discussions and I'd love to see what everyone's thoughts would be. Here's my guesses for the characters' types:

Top Cat: ENTP 7w8
Benny The Ball: ISFJ 6w7
Choo Choo: INFP 9w1 (My favorite character, if not my favorite Hanna Berbera character of all time)
Spook: ISFP 6w7 (Spook's a tough one to type so this one's a shot in the dark. Seems kinda ambiverted)
Fancy Fancy: ESFP 7w6
Brain: INTP 9w8
Officer Dibble: ESTJ 1w2
Jazz: ENTJ 3w4
Griswald: ESTP 7w8