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View Poll Results: Son Goku MBTI Type? - Dragon Ball Z MBTI Poll

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    Default Son Goku Type Poll - Dragon Ball Z MBTI

    I wanted to do a Dragon Ball Z poll here, what do you type Son Goku. I type Son Goku ENFP in my opinion but I wanted to see what other people typed him here? I don't know how to do a poll on here so I'm gonna experiment here.

    I have my Goku post sharing my opinion on his type here of course and Here's a great post on his type and debate as well that gets into this whole discussion really well:

    What is Goku's MBTI? - Quora

    Here's my Goku ENFP post and opinion here if you want to read my reasons why:

    Son Goku [ENFP] Ne dom and Si inferior user and here's why - Dragon Ball Z MBTI
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