He is a best-selling author who writes post-colonial fiction.
Apparently, Obama really likes Exit West & said it was one of his favourite books.
I'm thinking 5w4 or 1w9.
His writing has a strong moral message & concern for those left behind due to capitalism & colonialism.
He writes with social realism.

“We are all migrants through time.”
― Mohsin Hamid, Exit West

“And so their memories took on potential, which is of course how our greatest nostalgias are born.”
― Mohsin Hamid, Exit West

“when we migrate, we murder from our lives those we leave behind.”
― Mohsin Hamid, Exit West

“...status, as in any traditional, class-conscious society, declines more slowly than wealth.”
― Mohsin Hamid, The Reluctant Fundamentalist

“The end of the world can be cozy at times.”
― Mohsin Hamid, Exit West

“with cities as with life, for one moment we are pottering about our errands as usual and the next we are dying, and our eternally impending ending does not put a stop to our transient beginnings and middles until the instant when it does.”
― Mohsin Hamid, Exit West


And feelings in the novel seem close to my feelings, to my recollections of love, and especially first love, to my thoughts about getting older, of watching my children grow, of recognising the differences in the arcs of our lives, and to understanding my parents, who live next door, differently as a result.

As a mongrel, I once thought I was unlike other people. But I have come to realise that everyone is a mongrel. Hybridity is at the core of humanity. It is our nature. We do not divide, like some single-celled organism, into further identical human beings. We commingle the genetic material of two different people to create a child. When we wage wars against mongrels, wars for purity, we attack what makes us human. We attack ourselves.