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Doflamingo is ENTP, not ENFJ. He's a Ne dom and Ti aux and Fe ter not dom user and has Si inferior. Here's my opinion why I type Doflamingo ENTP for sure definitely.

Doflamingo is sarcastic, imaginative, quirky, eccentric, loves to mess with people, and hates details and very laid back and spontaneous and loves juggling new ideas and brainstorming with his Ne. He always is analyzing things and brainstorming a bunch of possibilities with his Ne and says Ne dom speeches with Ti aux and Fe ter to back it up. He gave a Ne dom speech with his Throne Wars speech as he brainstormed all the possibilities in the future with his Ne as he slowly ask the Ne curiosity questions and asks a lot of questions here because Ne users ask questions a lot as a common trait of theirs, he ask the Ne curiosity questions, To actual start off he answers by saying to answer your question with a Ne question of his own "What do you think the unleashed monsters who lost the food I supplied them will do? He starts off answering her with a Ne question of his own and then continues to brainstorm and ask the Ne curiosity questions here next, "Is there anyone who is at the top of the ladder in all the seas now?" "Who's ruling the seas right now?" "Is it the 4 emperors? Is it the marines? Is it the warlord? The revolutionary army? The pirates? Who's gonna be the new king of the seas?" After brainstorming with his Ne he makes a prediction that the biggest war over taking over the seat of king of the seas and the Celestial Dragons will probably be dragged down too as a result in the future and then finishes his speech on this impending war for the top and ruler of the sea is coming and who knows who will make it at the top, Ne indecisiveness and brainstorming and getting excited off new ideas and all new possibilities for the future. Dolflamingo's Throne Wars speech is the perfect example of Ne and Ne brainstorming all possibilities that could happen in the future, also his Ti is wondering accuracy of what the truth is with this question he asks and his Fe is concerned with the group and general public and society and focuses on who and what group in the world will rule the sea. Here's the scene again if you forgot how it went:

Doflamingo's speech about future Throne Wars! | One Piece | 746 | 1080p - YouTube

Doflamingo misses details often with his Si inferior and gets fooled by Law countless times sometimes, he's very smart but not focused and is scatter-brained and laid back and spontaneous with his Ne. He also used his Ne to give a Ne speech again and brainstormed all possibilities in the future with his Ne again earlier in Marineford, his Ne brainstormed who would win the war, the Marines or the Pirates? And what will become of justice when it happens? After this brainstorming of both sides he makes a prediction with his Ne that the winner of this battle and war will become justice after first brainstorming who will win and define justice in the first place earlier with his Ne again.

Doflamingo cares a lot about Ti accuracy and questions what people say and mean a lot. He wants to find out the truth and wonders what someone meant and means all time, he sees logical details with his Ti and notices logical inconsistencies with everything as well and what people as too often. He also cares about stretching the truth with his Ti accuracy and cares a lot about public perception and changing the general public's opinion on things with his Fe and reads people's emotional state often in the series too. He has developed Fe and cares a lot about family, people mistake this often as him being an Fe dom, no he is not he is just a developed Fe ter user just like Edward Elric another ENTP who can sympathize with others a lot and has an emotional side as a ENTP and cares for others deeply with his Fe as well for the both of them. Doflamingo favors Ne and Ti all the time over his Fe but his Fe and family and society Fe values are important to him as well, Fe is high enough in an ENTPs stack for this to make sense and be used enough for this to be consistent with Doflamingo's character and fits perfectly with him being an ENTP with developed Fe for the family society loving values he has with him and being emotionally supportive and caring for family and the emotional needs of others, ENTPs with developed Fe tertiary are very capable of this. Doffy doesn't care for Ni or Se, he uses Ne dom all the time and is a Si inferior user and focuses on past details and experiences not the moment like Se users do. Doflamingo holds onto the past in very unhealthy ways like Si inferior users often do, Edward Elric also does with blaming himself for his mothers death, Al losing his body and being in a suit of armor, holding a grudge at Hohenheim for leaving, and writing Don't Forget in his pocket watch, Si inferior coming out in another ENTP character of Edward Elric. Doflamingo is exactly the same way. Doffy holds a grudge against his father for making them leave the Celestial Dragons and that past and luxurious life among rich people and the heavens as they put it, they went into poverty and they're parents died and they were captured and hung up as a result. Doflamingo never let go of this past experience ever with his Si inferior, any type even non Si users can be affected deeply by the past and have past traumas as motivations like Kurapika an INTJ or Sasuke who yes I type as INTJ too in my opinion.

But anyways, despite this distinction you can usually tell when a Si user is holding a grudge in the past compared to a non Si user with their behavior, mannerism, and how much they hold onto the past and how into it they get. Doflamingo definitely checks this box of grudging the past to an unhealthy degree as a Si inferior user for sure, he despises his father and called him a fool for doing this to him and his family, he hates Corazon and Law for taking the Opi Opi no Mi from him and ruining his plans he had for it, he gets mad very easily when someone does something that pisses him off in the past and holds onto it to a huge degree and even brings it up again to the character later in speech and tells Law lines and things he said in the past and applies them to now to prove a point to him and talk down to him in the current situation, Doflamingo is definitely a Si inferior user no doubt. He used his Ne, Ti, and Fe too talk down to a guy and gave a random ENTP speech on humans and their fallacies, inaccuracies and flaws and says all people have bad sides and breaking points, they'll let you down and show their true nature, perfect ENTP Joker style banter and messing with people, even Tekking101 a One Piece Youtuber said Doflamingo is the Joker of One Piece, the Joker who is the pinnacle ENTP ever in fiction, Doflamingo acts just like him and everyone knows this. He uses his Ne bouncing around ideas and exploration and having fun with people Ti stretching the truth and Fe manipulating others when he framed King Riku as the bad guy when controlling him and then came in and gave a speech on how he's the true hero here and to listen to him from now own, he used his Ti and Fe to stretch the truth with his Ti and Fe changing people and public perception and controlling their emotions to his bidding and making them feel safe and that he was the good guy all along. He again did this ENTP Ti and Fe public manipulation when he faked his warlord status as gone, when he messed with people doing the bird cage and so on. Also controlling people and manipulating them with strings and powers is a perfect ENTP villain ability and Oda did a good job matching Doffy with that one and ENTPs like to debate, bounce around ideas and not get to the point early and play around until there bored, and mess with people and manipulate them with their Ti and Fe which Doflamingo does the whole series as a ENTP and with his power matching that personality type perfectly here. I hope this cleared up why Doflamingo is a clear ENTP and Ne, Ti, and Fe user and Si inferior user too and not ENFJ at all and not NF or idealistic but rather cold, unemotional, logical and very NT in his behavior and decision making in the story. Also Doflamingo said he'll get revenge on everyone and make them pay with his scary talk towards the people and townsfolk when he was hung up, more Si inferior in him and Si wanting revenge here in Doflamingo in this scene. All Right, I'm done seriously now, check out this brief ENTP Doflamingo post I agree with down below too on him and this topic with his type and debate with people.

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