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    Default Son Goku [ENFP] Ne dom and Si inferior user and here's why - Dragon Ball Z MBTI

    Son Goku MBTI ENFP - Dragon Ball Z MBTI

    Goku MBTI ENFP - Dragon Ball Z Myers-Briggs Post

    Since I'm doing this share old repost trend, I might as well share my Son Goku ENFP analysis from the past as well. I'll probably work on a second Son Goku ENFP post Part 2 after I finish rereading the manga again, I just finished the anime again and saw Buu Final Chapters recently too. Hope you guys enjoy.

    Here's some other ENFP Goku opinions if your caught in the ENFP vs ESFP debate with him. Maybe some of these posts and other people's opinions will help clear anything up and show you why Goku is ENFP definitely and a Ne dom and Si inferior user too.

    A really great Goku MBTI post on Quora I like. Miller and Josh Lee's post is really great and gives unique opinions on this debate and topic with Goku's type with people since people get confused on him so much and often at times:

    What is Goku's MBTI? - Quora

    CBR Put Goku on there ENFP 10 anime characters list here:

    MBTI(R): 10 Anime Characters Who Are ENFPs | CBR

    Goku is also listed as ENFP here as well on the Dragon Ball Z MBTI chart by Personalityclub, I agree with most of these character typings except Videl and Android 16 as I often say. In my opinion and many others Videl is ENTJ definitely and Android 16 is ISFJ. Everyone else here is very accurate though:

    Which Dragonball Z Character Are You? | Personality Club

    An ENFP characters post I made recently on reddit, I made mostly all the types so far and only have INFJ and ENTP to do next and last finally:

    ENFP Anime Characters : ENFP

    Goku being airheaded with his Ne head in the clouds here and how he did not notice Android 16 at all showing very low Se in him and very high Ne dom in him rather in this scene. He also asks a lot of Ne curiosity questions here in this scene by asking with his Ne curiosity again on why does Krillin have hair now? And how do robots have kids? Here's the video down below in different languages and versions from Japanese to English for you to see and check out for yourself:

    Goku Learns That Krillin Had A Child With Android 18 (Original vs Kai Dub) - YouTube

    A great video on Goku's character and how his character is misunderstood unfortunately, I think this video applies to MBTI as well. Totally Not Mark is a excellent INFP Dragon Ball YouTuber, be sure to check him out and all his videos for sure starting here:

    Here's the best Goku character analysis of all time in my opinion and on YouTube for sure too as well. SaiyanZ3 is a amazing ENTP anime and Dragon Ball YouTuber as well, he's a genius and very smart and intelligent person and he breaks Dragon Ball myths with his Ne and Ti, be sure to check his videos out for sure:

    Ok after all that, here's the Son Goku ENFP Post finally that I made awhile ago to share with you all here. Enjoy and tell me what you think down below, thanks for the support.

    Here's an in depth DBZ MBTI typing explanation on why Goku is ENFP in my opinion. Tell me your thoughts down below and if you agree or disagree with me.

    Goku's personality is ENFP and here why and I'll bring up evidence from the series to argue against any other types for him like ESFP, ISFP, ESTP or anything else that people mistake him as in my opinion. Throughout the series his Ne is very apparent and widespread in the series and I'll express why he doesn't have Se like characters like Yamcha who's ESFP or Android 18 who's ISTP for example and further explain why and how Goku uses Ne in the show and always has that makes him the NF character he is in Dragon Ball, and also Goku uses a lot of Si which is to be expected as an ENFP as well since they use Ne and Si for their functions.

    Let's get started, now Goku is ENFP, he has Ne and Fi. The first example I like to bring up is when Goku trained Gohan in the Cell Arc and made him battle Cell in the Cell Games finale part of the series. Ne is all about seeing possibilities and potential in other things and other people and in oneself as well, basically seeing possibilities in the outer world and curiosity and imagination. Goku told Gohan to fight cell because he believed he was the only one who could beat him, something no one else could see amoung the Z-fighters. He did so and at first was in serious danger and was losing the battle after awhile of fighting him and eventually the characters like Krillin and Piccolo were trying to talk sense to Goku and tell him to bring Gohan back because he can't beat him and he might get killed. Goku ignored all and most of these statements because he believed no this is the only way and Gohan will be fine, he has inner potential in him and this is the only way to bring it out now in his eyes. It didn't take until Piccolo's speech to him that Gohan may or may not have a hidden power in him but right now he's just a little kid who doesn't like to fight as much as you do who's wondering why his father is sitting there watching him get destroyed by this monster and not rushing in to help him. Once that realization was explained Goku woke up and understood Gohan's feelings and was ready to rush in to save him. Goku saw Gohan's past experiences with keeping up with so many strong opponents and evil bad guys in the past and saw his hidden strength in the Time Chamber and based on that had a hunch Gohan had a hidden power in him and would be able to unlock it and beat Cell, all of that is Si and Ne in Goku in this arc.

    Goku sees the potential in characters and is able to see the inner potential they have and can become and sees what's possible for them as a person and fighter and he's very interested in that whether it'd be his friends, family, or his very opponents he fights himself which I'll bring up in a moment. And of course he sees the potential in himself constantly hence why he loves pushing himself as a fighter inherently. But yeah in this case he saw the potential in Gohan and knew he had a hidden power in him that had to come out. So he trained him and bonded with his son simultaneously in the Time Chamber and got his body to suitable level of strength to bring it out and made it possible for him to become Super Saiyan and set him up to become a Super Saiyan 2. And he was willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy his idealism for Gohan to reach his potential as a fighter and surpass the Super Saiyan transformation properly. Goku came up with the idea for mastering the Super Saiyan 1 transformation on the spot right after noticing his body state with his Si of the higher grade buff Super Saiyan forms he tried out in front of Gohan, after this experience and thinking about it with his Si, Goku came up with the idea to master Super Saiyan 1 transformations on the spot right after seeing the weakness with his Ne. Something even Vegeta couldn't come up with even though he saw the weakness too but didn't come up with a solution on how to fix it like Goku did. But yeah Goku went to extreme lengths to follow through with his ideal to have gohan bring out his inner potential even if it meant risking his son's life against Cell initially because he was idealistic and focused on the idea and ideal, NF, and not the common sense, realism, or logic of the situation, Se, Sensor traits, and NTs which there known for and intuitives and NFs being more focused on ideas and being idealistic and not as realistic most of the time even if not always.

    Now the next example is Frieza vs Goku on Namek. Goku allowed Frieza to 100% in the Namek Frieza Arc. He decided to do this even if it would put the entire universe in danger and destroy all humanity and everyone in the universe and all that he loved. But he did it anyway because he was curious about his true power and saw the potential of him as a fighter and was in awe that such an already insanely powerful opponent had even more potential in him, this curiosity was all Ne in Goku. And that curiosity was going to kill him if he didn't see his full potential and possibilities of how strong Freiza truly was, so he said go full power. I want to see how far you can go and I want to fight that and beat you at your best, the curiosity is killing me in his eyes and I want to beat you at your best potential and then I'll be satisfied is what Goku is thinking, the excitement of fighting stronger opponents, being curious about there full power and techniques, and being curious on how far his strength goes is Goku's mantra in the show and series even if it means risking everyone's life and his own.

    So to disapprove some counter-arguments objectively I've seen, most people confuse and mistype with probably the most common mistype confusion battle of all time ever, the ENFP vs ESFP debate. These types are very similar and also very different at the same time, so I can understand the confusion between these two types since they come across so similar. But at the end of the day, these types are different because of Ne vs Se. This distinguishes them completely. Goku doesn't use Se much in the series. He said hey guys Android 18 is here after not seeing for awhile of being there when he arrive showing he's airheaded and has his head in the clouds, showing he's a Ne user and an anti-Se user since Se pay attention to details around them and are aware of their surroundings which doesn't do at all here since he completely missed 18 and was oblivious to her. He's not concrete, material or ever cares for material things and titles and prizes, and isn't a pragmatic or realistic and sensual character. He's very idealistic and naive and happy go lucky like how most ENFPs are and he uses Ne the entire series like I mentioned in my examples above. He's always asking questions like a Ne user (How do robots and androids have kids? What's so special about the Dragon Balls? How are you supposed to find them? Are you a friend of Bulmas? When he spoke to the dinosaur that had her in his hand and he was oblivious to that she was getting kidnapped? What's a remote? Are you hungry Bulma? Your drooling. What is soap? What is this white stuff? Asking about the snow from the Muscle Tower arc. Why do I have to fight this guy? When he asked Oolong why he needs to fight Yamcha. Can you keep up with my flying Nimbus? He asked to Piccolo. Why did you ask? When Master Roshi and Bulma asked about the full moon and Gohan ever looking at it before and something strange happening. Have you been training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Piccolo, Huh? Can you split into two Namekians again and cancel the fusion? Those are plenty of Goku Ne asking a ton of questions moments in the series and he is also curious about everything like Ne users are too. If I didn't mention it before too Goku is again easily distracted like when opponents point in another direction and Goku looks every time out of curiosity and being scatter-brained and unfocused, like with General White in Muscle Tower, Emperor Pilaf when he pointed and caught Goku in the robot suit mechas when Goku went to get their Dragon Ball for Upa, and Krillin did the pointing distraction trick on Goku too in their fight in the tournament.

    He's NF, very idealistic, naive, very trusting and is pure of heart. Yes he loves to fight and everything, of course its Dragon Ball Z, but he actually has a reason he loves to fight and is obsessed which people forget to realize, he loves and is obsessed to fight because its in his Saiyan blood. Saiyan's are built that way along with getting stronger after losing a hard battle against an opponent along with other traits we all know of like growing a tail, turning into a Great Ape Oozaru form looking at the full moon etc. This trait of saiyans loving to fight and being obsessed with combat and training is stated in the series multiple times and is even touched upon when Goku let's Vegeta go in the Saiyan Arc because he simply wants to fight him again and he thinks him dying here would be wasted potential and sees possibilities in Vegeta (Ne), a scene showing a combination of his Saiyan trait tendencies and his Ne curiousity as well and idealism. So that's why he is obsessed with fighting because he is a Saiyan and its in his blood and more evidence of this is Vegeta is equally as obsessed with fighting and training, a pure blood Saiyan who's an Si user, an ISTJ. His obsession with combat and training does not mean he's ESFP, and there's proof with Vegeta and the Saiyan blood reason I mentioned before, if you pay attention to the series you'll notice Goku's Ne and idealism being an NF consistently through the show and series. He loves the craft of martial arts in it of itself and is curiosity on how far his strength will go, Ne in Goku with Ne being based on curiosity.

    Now other little examples of Goku being ENFP and using Ne is, he's very eccentric in combat and comes up with ideas on the spot all the time with his Ne in battle and outside of battle too, he's a genius fighter and uses techniques very creatively in a Ne style way in battle and uses his Ne in combat constantly in the series. He always uses his kameha wave creatively in battle like with using his kameha wave to propel himself several times to opponents to reach them like with Tien, King Piccolo and so on. He used his Kameha wave in conjunction with instant transmission to dupe Cell and the Z-fighters who thought he was gonna destroy the earth and surprised them and Cell by teleporting right behind him and kameha waving him without giving him a chance to move or react fast enough. He came up with the idea for the double Underwater Kamehameha attack he used against Freiza underwater to distract him and hit him which he thought of because he remembered Frieza can't sense someones energy earlier and then he came up with that idea for the underwater double Kamehameha attack there on the spot which was a Ne and Si moment in Goku, taking Master Roshi's glasses to block the solar flare because he remembering Master Roshi had glasses and was nearby which led him to come up with that idea on the spot which was again Ne and Si in Goku coming out again, finding out the two weaknesses against Tien so quickly and exploiting them, seeing patterns with his Ne and remembering details with his Si etc. He came up with the idea for the Feet Kamemeha against Piccolo Jr. and in the Cell Saga in the Time Chamber he was aware of his internal body state just like Vegeta with his Si, while training in the Time Chamber Goku noticed his body state and compared the Super Saiyan higher state to original Super Saiyan one and realized it made his body too slow from realizing his body state with the form and comparing the transformations to each other, Si Introverted Sensing. After realizing this weakness with his Si in the transformation he came up with the idea to master the Super Saiyan state and transformation and then he and Gohan stayed in Super Saiyan 1 form the entire time before the Cell Games and then mastered the forms based on Goku's great idea that even Vegeta couldn't come up with, those are all Ne moments in Goku in the series with many more that could be mentioned and brought up anytime, along with Si moments in Goku as well.

    Goku used his Si with his decision making on not wanting to comeback because of what Bulma told him a long time about him drawing bad guys to him and because of that he had a hunch that it would happen again in the future, so Goku asked to not be wished back this time to keep the Earth safe and peaceful, Ne and Si moment in Goku at the end of the Cell Saga.

    He decides to teach future generations because he remembers he's dead and won't be here anymore and sees people depending on him in the past and believes the future generation needs to protect themselves because there's always a possibility of a new threat or bad guy to show up in the future to destroy the Earth again, Ne and Si in Goku in the Buu Saga. Also Goku decided he was comfortable taking this gamble and risk of leaving the future to Goten and Trunks based on what he saw in the past with Goku's Si of how strong they were when they were fighting in the tournament, that past experience Goku had helped him feel the confidence he was making the right decision, major Si moment for Goku again here and Ne believing in his hunch again based details he saw in the past and making decisions off of what he saw and remembered back then.

    Goku used Si when he remembering what Master Roshi told him about fixing his tail weakness and he remembered and he did. Goku also used his Si when he followed orders from the past on not using his Flying Nimbus while he trained before the tournament, Goku followed this so much that he swam there instead of using it to get to the tournament. There's countless other examples of Goku using his Si but those are some to name a few examples.

    Also Goku uses his Si with his obsession of the 4 star Dragon Ball and finding it because of its connection to the past with his dead Grandfather. He constantly looked for it in Dragon Ball and looked for it again in DBZ. Then he decided to name his son Gohan after his deceased Grandpa Gohan and put the 4 star dragon ball onto a special hat he made for Gohan so that he can remember his Grandpa Gohan from the past and treasure and honor his death, all of this is Si in Goku. Goku treasuring the 4 star dragon ball and naming Gohan after his grandfather are major moments of Si in Goku and him treasuring and recollecting the past with him so many times in the series and Goku making decisions based on Grandpa Gohan's past death that means a lot to Goku as we see over and over again. Goku's Si comes out majorly in this way with his grandpa and the 4 star ball consistently in the series.

    And he also is very talented with learning new techniques very quickly which most people don't have the ability to do which I also see as a testament to his Ne and creativity to learn new techniques with relative ease or some hard work and training, Goku's wide array of techniques is very wide and versatile which Ne users and ENFPs tend to be very good at and them having alot of talents and being good at a lot of activities and skills. The Kamehameha is Goku's most famous attack he learned with intuition from seeing it once and trying it himself with no explanation or understanding, he also did this with the Afterimage technique and improved it with his imagination to the Triple Afterimage technique, and he did this in a very short amount of time.

    The last thing is Goku is very obsessed with self-improvement as a fighter for the future and reaching his potential as a fighter inherently and innocently just to see how far he can go as a fighter and the curiosity and possibilities and idea of constantly improving his own strength inherently excites him, (Ne). He doesn't really care about material and concrete goals Se doms usually like, things like wanted to be the strongest, winning tournaments and dreaming of being rich and famous by winning the prize money and gaining the title of being the champ, wanting to be the best fighter around and being the hardest fighter around and so on, this is to a degree stereotyping I know and not all Se users, SPs or ESFPs care about material things I know that, there's all different kinds of ESFPs and Se users in the world. But Goku never came across as that type of fighter who cares about any material object or thing ever except eating food, he just loves the idea of fighting and is curious on how far his strength goes with his Ne, and also he loves fighting also from his Saiyan blood just like Vegeta an Si user like I mentioned earlier, so a combination of Goku's non material personality and innocent love for battle and curiosity to improve and surpass himself and his limits no matter how impossible it seems showcases his Ne and NF idealism towards fighting and constant self improvement as a martial artist in the future for himself, regardless if there's a threat in front of him currently or not. Goku's a pretty innocent character and is pure of heart, he thought marriage was something to eat, the devilmate beam doesn't work on him since he has no dark desires, and he trains and fights for the sake of it and the joy of improving himself and reaching new potential and the love of battle, not for concrete sensual goals and objectives. He's always been idealistic and naive, light-hearted, everybody knows this watching the series. He let go of Raditz tail at the early parts of DBZ, an ESFP would most of the time been more realistic to see his lies and not trusted him, goku was more idealistic in this situation at the time and naively trusted him and let go and had Piccolo the more logical INTJ yell at him that he wasn't to be trusted. Goku's character has grown significantly and he doesn't trust villains anymore and can kill them no problem with relative ease like with him telling Gohan to kill Cell when he went SSJ2 and the one monster him having no problem dying in Babidi's ship in the Buu saga. Of course ENFPs and Ne users aren't completely naive and have plenty of common sense in real life and in fiction as well and can make these very realistic Sensor and logical NTs decisions as well in life but this is just a short example of Goku's idealism at this point in the series and how he improved from it. So yeah that's my long winded and in depth explanation on why Goku is ENFP. Hope you liked it and learned alot about Goku's character, he inspired other ENFP shonen main characters creation right after and their series and personality traits as you see with other ENFPs in Shonen Jump being Luffy, Naruto, Gon and so on. Thanks for listening and tell me your thoughts down below.

    Here's the original post from back then if your interested, we had some crazy debates and opinions in the comments back then lol:

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    I'm gonna add this paragraph here as well that I added to my other Goku posts on reddit and so on here as well:

    This next scene people often mix up with Ni inferior or Si inferior in Goku. I'm going to explain why Goku not taking into account Gohan not liking fighting very much in the Cell Saga is Si inferior in Goku not Ni inferior at all. Goku didn't take details into account and forgot and missed details when he came up with the idea and plan with his Ne after seeing the possibility and potential of a hidden power being in Gohan and the possibilities of its power being limitless with Goku's Ne here. Goku didn't take important details into account with his inferior Si which is common with high Ne users with Goku being a Ne dom ENFP, when high Ne users come up with a great idea they focus on it and they get excited about it and want to go through with it, without thinking about all the details to make the plan or idea actually work successfully. This is what happened here, Goku didn't remember to take all the details into account with his inferior Si and forgot to ask Gohan about it and see if he wanted to fight Cell at all and forgot and didn't take the detail into account that Gohan doesn't like to fight very much as a half blood Saiyan and with his peaceful and pacifistic calm personality, Si inferior in Goku here in this scene. Goku learned Gohan didn't love to fight like him as a pure blood Saiyan in the Saiyan Saga when they fought Vegeta, Goku asked Gohan to hold off Vegeta for a little while until he could give the Spirit Bomb to Krillin to hit him and win and Gohan kept saying no and crying and Goku was shocked and confused and yelled at him saying what did Piccolo teach you? Are you going to let all of our friends die in vain? It's at this point in the story Goku learned Gohan didn't like to fight very much like pure blood Saiyan like him and he forgot to take this detail into account with his low Si inferior in the Cell Games plan and Ne idea he had because his Ne saw the possibilities and potential in Gohan and saw the past patterns of Gohan keeping up with them in the past against strong bad guys in the past with his Si observation and memory which again led up to his Ne idea to have Gohan fight Cell and unleash this hidden power that his Ne intuition sees and thinks he has inside him this whole time in the Cell Arc and Saga. This is why he messed up with putting Gohan in the fight against Cell so recklessly, his Si inferior caused him to make this mistake and not be safe and secure and he wasn't being detail oriented here and didn't think of all the details through on how to make this unleash Gohan's true power plan and idea to work that he saw beneath the surface with his intuition and cared about all this time with his Ne in Goku here in the Cell Saga and Cell Games.

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