I wanted to post this here and get people's thoughts on this. I feel I got her type down but sometimes there's some confusion and mistypes out there I've seen like ESTJ or ISFP which I disagree with in my opinion. Boa Hancock seems like a clear ENTJ and here's why I think so, feel free to share your opinion down below and what you think.

Boa Hancock is an ENTJ - Myers-Briggs One Piece Typing

Boa Hancock is a very confident, future oriented, intuitive, and assertive character. She is very head strong, tough, insightful, and logical and she knows how to plan ahead. Boa Hancock cares a lot about efficiency and has no patience for people most of the time. She doesn't like when people waste her time and and focuses on handling tasks and is a very structured person. She showcases characteristics of an ENTJ and uses a lot of Te and Ni over other functions and she doesn't use Si all that much to rule out ESTJ and doesn't care for Si hardly at all. When Momonga shows up to bring her to Marineford after calling her to serve in the war against Whitebeard and his fleet she lies to him and says she only came to take his cargo and that she doesn't want to fight in the war at all. Momonga gets angry and tells her its her duty and apart of the rules to follow orders as a Warlord and serve the Marines when necessary. Boa Hancock as a Warlord has to listen to them when summoned by them to do things like fight in the war in exchange of her island being protected and not attacked by the marines since there an island of pirates at Amazon Lily. Boa Hancock understands this duty and rule and completely doesn't care and says no even if she knows he'll revoke her status as Warlord and put her country Amazon Lily in jeopardy.

Even with her dark past with the Celestial Dragons and hating men and the world government, she completely doesn't care even knowing the consequences of her actions and she completely ignores her duty and rules to follow the Marines orders as a Warlord and ignores her duty to protect Amazon Lily as Snake Princess and Pirate Empress of the island, which Granny Nyon scolds her about. Granny tells her what will happen if she doesn't follow her duty and tradition as Warlord for the Marines, Hancock says she doesn't care and that they'll forgive her because she's beautiful and then throws Granny Nyon out of the window and moves on, showing she doesn't care much about Si or duty and rules at all concerning the Marines or her people as Pirate Empress of Amazon Lily. Having a dark past that haunts you does not mean Si, the only Si moments she did have is following the no man rule on Amazon Lily and putting Luffy on trial to fight and turning the women to stone and then testing him with the two choices because of her experiences in the past will evil men as a slave. That example was a good counter example but the first one got debunked and lost any weight because she ended up letting Luffy stay on the island anyway and breaking the tradition specifically for him once she fell in love. I think Hancock is even the only and first Pirate Empress to break the rule to let a man stay and be allowed to come there anytime because she fell in love with him so it doesn't even matter because she breaks the Si rule and tradition eventually here anyway, the exception is specifically for Luffy though but the point still stands of the tradition being broken here by her love. And again her breaking the Warlord rule and ignoring her duty to the Marines and as Pirate Empress for Amazon Lily is a major anti-Si moment and is way more important and on a bigger scale since that decision she made affects her island being destroyed by the Marines. Her Warlord status will be removed for not following the rules of the Marines and their orders and this will destroy Amazon Lily and she doesn't care despite it being her duty to do so and care about those things, so because of this she's not an Si user and instead an Ni user who just seems to be spoiled in her case. Now for examples of Ni in Hancock.

She is very future oriented and insightful, she thinks behind the scenes and is always thinking one step ahead in an Ni way when dealing with a situation or problem that needs to be solved. She's shown to be be clever and crafty with her thinking in the moment in situations and is very good at making good plans on the spot, in a judger way of course. She did a good job getting Luffy into Impel Down and did quick thinking to turn the security to stone and camera. She used her charm to fool Magellan when they heard Luffy was making a ruckus, she did it again when they got to Ace with the prisoners and Magellan and distracted them while she told Ace that Luffy arrived to save him.

She then later gets Ace's keys for his handcuffs at the Marineford War, she completely planned ahead and thought of the future and figured out that he would need Ace's handcuffs keys to save him and planned that all out ahead of time entirely on her own and then gives them to Luffy when she meets him again. She also is always in her head imagining and daydreaming about Luffy and is always thinking ahead for the perfect things he needs and isn't very down to earth and rather focuses on her thoughts and planning more often for another Ni point. Anyways Luffy is happy beyond belief of her perfect thinking and hugs her and then she gets embarrassed, her inferior Fi comes out around Luffy and she gets flustered and says no problem and says go on to save your brother. All those examples are good Ni moments in her and go hand in hand with her Te and Se and Fi as well in the series. Boa Hancock is ENTJ and one of the best ones in the series next to Crocodile as well. And Arlong as well who is also an ENTJ. I type our rubber boy Luffy ENFP if you were wondering and I can explain more and why like I have in the past if necessary, I have a post for him coming up since my old post was done so long ago even I still agree with it now and think it still holds up. I also type Shiki ENTJ from Strong World.

That's my thoughts and why I type Hancock as a ENTJ, and how I see clear Te and Ni in Boa Hancock in my opinion. One Piece is still going on at this point in time so I'll be excited to see more of her character and how she interacts with the characters and how she decides to do things in other situations.