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    Quote Originally Posted by Neytron View Post
    What it could possibly say about me? I mean, you just jumped into the "Wow you are a teenage douche loloxd" conclusion, which just sounds dodgy.

    Well then, if it says more about me than him, as you say, what MBTI type personality I am then?

    Uh, no you didn't. You did nothing but jumped into the troll bandwagon. Look, I'm not offended, I'm rather used to people with haughty attitude trying to put me down, but I rather find your conclusion irrational, including your friends. Most importantly, I have no Idea why you think I "mistreat" my parents, you didn't even bother to give an explanation to that complete bogus conclusion of yours, also including you, @Drunkstein
    Firstly, I never said ‘douche’. I don’t think that particular insult quite fits here.
    Second, I’m flattered but I am not ‘friends’ with everyone here. I assure you, were I to join any bandwagon, half of them would jump-ship. Yet here we are; as if we all arrived individually. So this must be the place.

    I told you; it makes you look like someone who wants people to think he is the type of person who talks down to his parents. That has nothing to do with type. It’s just a symptom of someone who has something to prove.

    Now, I have explained to you, judgement free, ( in my last post) what the problem is. You need more information than than a few one-sided conversations to type someone. If you would like us to type your Father than you can go ahead and provide that information.
    Or, you can continue to get angry and yell at everyone, strengthening my theory that you’re really just here to impress a particular image. Ball’s completely in your court.
    " Do something, even if it's wrong."

    " I don't wanna have to but I will, if that's what I'm supposed to do
    We don't wanna set up for the kill, but that's what I'm 'bout to do."

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    Completely predictable. I can read you like a map, one that leads to nowhere.
    Perpetual mood

    "It is not the personality's task to tell the truth,
    but to seem to, try to, or try to seem to."

    Philip Trussell

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