Hi everyone. First of all, I'm not new to MBTI, but I am new to this website. So, I apologize if I make any kind of mistake relating to rules and what not.

My boyfriend and I are fans of the band Starcrawler. They're a relatively new band. The lead singer is named Arrow, and I'm really interested in what her type is. I looked online and couldn't find anything about it, which didn't surprise me. My typing skills are overall pretty garbage, so I'd really appreciate it if anyone here wants to throw out a quick guess. I'm gonna post a link to an interview below, so you can kind of get a feel for her personality. I wasn't sure exactly what "kind" of interview I should link, so I hope this one is okay. Thank you to everyone!
P.S.: I don't know how to link here, so I hope I did it right!

Link: YouTube