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    Default Canada's Prime Ministers

    Since all of the US President MBTIs have been litigated to death, I decided on a whim to spend a truly embarrassing amount of time working out the MBTI types for Canada's Prime Ministers. Pearson, Clark, and Mulroney, I found most difficult to 'translate' their personalities into MBTI. Others were pretty straightforward. Enjoy!

    Macdonald - ENTP
    Mackenzie - ISTP
    Abbott - INFP
    Thompson - ESTJ
    Bowell - ESFJ
    Topper - ENTJ
    Laurier - ENFJ
    Borden - INTP
    Meighen - ISTJ
    King - INTJ
    Bennett - ESTP
    St. Laurent - ISFJ
    Diefenbaker - ESTP
    Pearson - ISFP
    Pierre Trudeau - ENTP
    Clark – INFP
    Turner - ENTJ
    Mulroney - ENTJ
    Campbell - ENTP
    Chrétien - ESTJ
    Martin - ENFP
    Harper - INTJ
    Justin Trudeau - ESFP

    Alternately, here's an image to share:

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    Haha, that's awesome. How did you come up with types for the earlier ones?

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    Sorry for the slow response, I wasn't following this thread.

    I'm a history nerd, so I've closely followed the lives and personalities of most of the PMs. I actually had to do more research on MBTI than the PMs.

    Borden and Martin required the most research for me. I found Martin difficult to pin down as a person given all of the conflicting impressions that are written about him - but his MBTI score here is a gamely attempt at pigeon-holding him. I see a passionate man energized by big, complex issues - open to criticism of indecision, insincerity, and unable to delegate.

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