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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    As a little boy my family would go for holidays in the Blue Mountains. So I always associate the climate of the Blue Mountains with being on holiday.

    And fortunately the climate of Canberra is the same as the Blue Mountains, so I always feel I am on holiday.
    That must be nice. I associate Southern California and the Central Coast with May-June-July, so it's always cool and foggy in the morning, but 80 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny in the afternoon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kuranes View Post
    How easy is it to move to Oz ? I would have thought they'd be insisting everybody have round trip tickets, or sponsorship from within etc.
    We have a large immigration program. It is non discriminatory and very successful. And we have a very successful policy of multi-culturalism. Also we send our immigration officers directly to refugee camps throughout the world and take a quota of refugees every year.

    So all you have to do it apply at your nearest Oz embassy.

    And we have dual citizenship, so you can keep your present citizenship as well as ours.

    And we have large civil society so I would recommend you join a voluntary society or two.

    But we would, of course expect you to vote. And you can vote for whoever you like from the Conservatives to the Social Democrats or even the Greens.

    And you won't be able to keep a gun.

    But who would you want to shoot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dansker View Post
    That's warm. I'm in Sydney and I'm on the sofa in front of the heater. Send some of the sunshine our way!

    Sydney's great, provided you can cope with the insane traffic and people being in a huge hurry with absolutely no where to go.
    Yes, I grew up in Sydney, in the Eastern Suburbs from Bondi to Cronulla.

    My front yard was the beach and the surf.

    But I must admit I love Canberra the most.

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