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    It's a public forum.
    I am an ENTJ. I hate political correctness but love smart people ^_^

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    How effective do people think this is?

    Protean, If I read the article correctly it is only as helpful as there are new soccer fields for children in Guatemela who cannot now play safely. At least that is the goal of the effort...

    Is it a viable solution? (or alternative) ...

    I don't remember how many soccer fields this young man had gotten built...And it is not an effort from say a large sporting goods company that manufactures soccerballs...where the purpose would effectually be to promote brand...I suppose that as long as the communities in question recieve safe (or low) cost fields they probably don't care where they come from. I surmise that there was not a program for this and this young, educated soccer enthusiast stepped into the breach, with familial support, lucky kid!

    Is the impact just a warm fuzzy feeling on the part of the social entrepreneur?

    Social entrepeneurs should not feel good about the efforts that they undertake? What would be their primary motivation?

    ....His parents support him fully which ruins it for me....

    The parents may see the long term investment/gain. This man has already earned a degree...and now he has chosen to use and develop skills in a way beneficial to others. What difference can it make where he does this work from or how he supports it? He is going to sit somewhere. Arguably he makes less of an environmental impact if he stays at home to do his business. Look at the additional knowledge he is acquiring that will augment his degree. So he spends some time getting some playgrounds built...think of the communication, logistical, practical co-ordinating skills that he will be able to bring to bear on his next project. Think of the possible networks that he is creating that can now be utilized by these underserved populations in furthering their development...

    What in your opinion should a young person in his position be doing then?

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    wow! i am VERY interested with this social enterpreneurship thing!, because it does resonate a lot with my values in life, and what i'm trying to do in this short life

    but several pressing questions to those who have at least familiar or have enough knowledge/experiences with this thing:
    1. what things do i need to build one?
    also, how much money is required to build one?
    2. how will i generate the money (funds) to finance it? (after all, everything do needs money to make it run well, even if it's for "social" cause,.right?)
    3. usually, are they mostly online-based, ie: the programme, promotion tools, all done via website? or not necessarily?
    4. how to gather people effectively and hugely for my own social entrepreneurship programme?

    would be glad if i could have some answers, or at least some useful info for my questions above

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