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    Finland will be conquered by Sweden with its army of Saab's.

    True story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Sure, and it was a negotiated retreat. In their negotiations, the Fins spoke of the Germans as brothers. This was the height of diplomacy.

    And this resulted in the Germans retreating without being defeated.

    To subdue the enemy without fighting is not only the height of diplomacy but the height of warcraft.
    There were NO negociations between the Finns and the Germans, since the town of Rovaniemi was entirely razed in retaliation of the "finnish betrayal". There were thousands of deaths, and more than 100.000 refugees. The Lapland war lasted until the very end of April 1945, when the AOK surrendered after having suffered heavy casualties.

    Falcarius gave you the correct answer, and yet, you tried not to recognize your own mistake. This is not the first time you try to elude your own ignorance, remember?

    "A man who only drinks water has a secret to hide from his fellow-men" -Baudelaire

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