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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    His "apology" is classic narcissism speak. It's not that hard to see... he's a textbook narcissist.
    I thought it was kind of sorry/not sorry to be honest.

    It strikes me as a whole test of the "no such thing as bad coverage" idea, I'd have said the apology was ready to go after the the twitter storm.

    The president of the USA is setting an example that guys like this are following too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Survive & Stay Free View Post
    It just seems like no one who reaches the pinnacle or summit of online fandom can sustain themselves without going to the darkside and having a very public fall from grace, dont you think?
    Yeah. I'm wondering what big scandal or gaffe is going to undo Dan TDM.

    Part of the thing... I don't think things have gotten worse, it's just that the technology means everything one says or does online is pretty much

    A) preserved indefinitely for all to see
    B) available for almost immediate and easy access by all, to be discussed, shared, commented as long as possible, due to the democracy of the web (whereas pre-internet, these sort of going-ons came and went as the news/media decided to cover them or move on to the next story)

    In some ways, the current state of affairs might be seen as an improvement, easier to ferret out narcissistic sociopaths and undesirables. For instance, regardless of where you stand on it, I can't imagine the #metoo campaign would've lasted as long in the absence of a social media platform like twitter.
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