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    All in all I thought of something we used to say in graduate school, IlyaK.

    We worked hard to get in, then we'd say, "Now that we're in, lets raise the standards!"
    "No ray of sunshine is ever lost, but the green which it awakes into existence needs time to sprout, and it is not always granted to the sower to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in faith." - Albert Schweitzer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anja View Post
    All in all I thought of something we used to say in graduate school, IlyaK.

    We worked hard to get in, then we'd say, "Now that we're in, lets raise the standards!"
    As funny as that sounds, it's damn true. The world is progressing every day. Thus, the standards should constantly be rising.
    I am an ENTJ. I hate political correctness but love smart people ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    You know what? You can't blame your entire attitude of "fuck everyone else, go me and mine" on being an ENTJ- there's a lot of decent ENTJs out there who actually DO give a shit about other people. I think the problem may just be you.

    Did it occur to you that the only reason that the dipshits in office HAVEN'T invaded any other countries may be that our troops are spread thin as it is and we can't fucking afford another war at the moment? (let alone the ones we're mired in now- I'm already pissed that I'll be paying off THAT debt for the rest of my life)

    I'd tell you to go and live in another country for a while to get another perspective, but that would be irrelevant- you probably should quit internalizing the image you have of this country though and realize that every country has a lot more good people than bad people, and thier blood is on your hands if you're supporting thier killing. Maybe try living in Latin America for a while- there are plenty of regions there that view US as the terrorists for some of our past involvements (completely un-asked for) that threw thier countries into turmoil. You're too thick skulled to pick up on anything of that sort though.

    It's pointless to argue with you, because your mind is incredibly narrow and closed, so don't even bother responding, I'm voicing my opinion to OTHER people mostly.

    And next time you watch Team America please realize- it's making fun of us, not showing us as superheroes
    You had the courage to say it.

    It is not hopeless though.
    Unless they change the Constitution.

    The children speak the truth- and the angry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IlyaK1986 View Post
    As for your last comment: you're *damn right* I judge people by their worst. That's not called racism in my book. Know what that's called? Risk management. And I don't hate any groups of people, unless said groups of people decide to impose themselves on everyone else. The African Americans don't impose themselves, nor do the gays, nor do the Mormons or any other sects.
    You mean the way the US has imposed itself on the world after WWII, when we have killed millions around the world with our hostile foreign policy? No nation has killed more people from other nations since 1945 (the overwhelming majority being completely unjustified).

    Quote Originally Posted by IlyaK1986 View Post
    We believe in bringing prosperity and democracy to people that insist on killing each other for believing in a slightly different bullshit religion, and anybody else that doesn't believe in their bullshit religion at all (note: I think ALL religions are bullshit--but I don't really care so long as its believers don't impose themselves), rather than erase from map, ask questions later. Are we honestly doing anybody a service by trying to use troops rather than sheer annihilation?
    You're one of those knuckleheads that thinks we're in Iraq to fight terrorists and the American Military is a benign force on the world. Knock off all the deluded nationalist ranting without getting a grip of US foreign policy history first.

    We are not there for spreading democracy, and we have never had that as foreign policy goal (after WWII) - we've overthrown FAR more democracies than we've ever installed.

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