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Thread: Ladies' night

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    Quote Originally Posted by booyalab View Post
    Try reading the first sentence of the article.

    Btw, nightclubs discriminate against black people too...though it's less overt than the "whities night" label. They use dress codes.
    And they price accordingly, as well. However, requiring a certain manner of dress or having high-priced drinks is not simply "less overt" than "Whites' Night." It is a completely different practice.
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    You could simply separate the main types of discriminatory pricing into successful market positioning vs. stupid market positioning.
    I don't wanna!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    Oh, I'm not on the side of enforced balance... I'm on the side of free association. Power to the rugged individual to do business with whom he or she chooses, on whatever basis he or she chooses.

    But it wasn't until after I read your half-page of explication that I understood that you were agreeing with me.
    XD Nice. Yeah, I rant a lot.. I'm not very good at putting to words what I mean to say, so I end up writing a lot to try and ensure I make my point clear.. which is sometimes counterproductive.

    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    Let me rephrase: "Just because that guy is a douche doesn't mean the judge's gender enters into it at all."

    Sadly, no. There are laws about how cheap or expensive you can sell haircuts, cigarettes, alcohol, housing. . . Also, try to have a "Whites Only Night" or "Whites 50% Night" at a bar sometime and see if the local government lets you get away with it.
    Well, I sorta already felt that way.. but seeing the situation, I suppose I would have had a male judge throw it out because it seems that would be one less thing for him to bitch about. The gender isn't important to anyone aside him. And I've always been all about working ways so there's the least amount of bitching possible.

    Also, that sucks. I feel it should be that way. I just thought it already was ...

    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    BTW, I feel the same way about Ladies' Nights as I did about frat parties in college where it was $5 for guys and free for girls: they're completely lame, because you are basically saying, "We can't get chicks here any other way besides free booze."
    But you bet your ass if I drank for free I'd be there, lame reasons or otherwise.. the reason WHY it's free is of little concern to me. ^_^b

    I had been taking a poll amongst my friends about what they thought of this, and a few interesting things were brought up.

    One being the double standards in society.. which we all know exist. but if there WERE a Gentlemen's night, the amount of really drunk guys wouldn't attract women in there for the simple fact that girls are always wary of drunks anyways, so the risk would be greater in a facility like that. No one ever seems threatened by a thrown girl.

    One of my friends said you couldn't consider this discrimination because there's no minus to anyone. Helping and aiding one side doesn't discriminate the other, because the other doesn't have anything taken away. I think I agree with this... but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

    And finally that not all discrimination is made to be bad. Discrimination is just a tool like any other that could be used for good or malicious reasons.. and it's only when it IS used in such a way that the government has to step in.

    The subject brought up earlier on speaking against discrimination that only you distaste would seem better explained by this. Why would anyone speak up against something they have no qualms with? People only ever speak up when they dislike something enough to make a stand about it. When it came to enough people disagreeing with it, it's more peaceful to make law and adjust to accomodate the masses.
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