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View Poll Results: Why do people learn to read?

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  • Because it's necessary to function in our society

    12 54.55%
  • Because you're required to learn in school

    2 9.09%
  • Other (explain)

    8 36.36%
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    It's necessary and it's taught.

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    because it's fucking awesome??

    I suppose it depends. Some learn to read because they want to have fun with books, some because it's required, like most other skills.

    I don't know of anyone "forced" to learn how to read. Most kids are pretty curious about it, and the rest, well...we are "forced" to learn how to dress ourselves or tie up our shoes as well I suppose. I hardly would call that "forcing". More like adapting to the world.

    Also if the parents are readers most normal children probably will learn how to read without even noticing, while playing. I can't even remember when I learned to read, or what my motivation was.

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