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    Exclamation Politics Classics Nominations

    We're looking for the classic threads in this particular subforum. "Classic" in the sense of most memorable and best representing the subforum.

    What you do: Post a link to your favorite thread or state clearly the name of the thread you're nominating for the classics. Choose one thread only. If you'd like to give an explanation of why you chose the thread, go for it, but state the thread you are nominating at the beginning of the post and try and keep the back and forth conversation to a minimum, otherwise I'll have to go Zerg on this mofo. Sorry to SJ, but I don't want to make it easier for Mempy to sift through the thread to tally the votes.



    I chose this thread because it has classic written all over it. This thread is undeniably full of awesome."

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    The Racism split from "I'm voting Republican. . ." thread. Just a lot of high level debate and discourse here.
    Who wants to try a bottle of merc's "Extroversion Olive Oil?"

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