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    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    I honestly don't think it's that vague. I mean, the Second Amendment (for instance) is pretty damn clear. However, if you believe that, due to the evolution in range and lethality of weaponry, it is no longer germane to modern society, then you should support repealing or modifying the amendment.
    I think the Constitution is good enough whereas repealing and modifying too much might set the Constitution up for rights being taken away with more ease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    Today (September 17th) is Constitution Day, the federal observance of the day in 1787 that thirty-nine of our Founding Fathers signed the U.S. Constitution (it would be ratified the following year, and the federal government began operation under it in 1789). Most Americans are ignorant of this day and of what it means for them. So, in this thread, I'd like to hear about your favorite aspects of the Constitution and its genesis.
    I'm particularly fond of the bicameral legislature, staggered national elections, jury trails, habeas corpus, and the first and tenth amendments (and I dearly wish the 10th amendment still existed in practice). I've been in love with the American constitution ever since I researched a paper comparing the Federalist Papers with the Anti-Federalist Papers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    Why necessary? Many modern democracies survive without such a thing.
    If you're going to have a written constitution and a limited government, it makes sense to enumerate what the government may do and proscribe what it may not do, doesn't it? And, of course, the United States isn't a "democracy," but, rather, a federal republic. We have democratic elections, but the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and the three branches of the federal government are subservient to it (at least, that is how it is supposed to be).
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    I think that (in theory) having a Constitution gives more power to the judicial branch than they would otherwise have, which is good, because the other two seem to want to take power away from the judicial branch every chance they get.
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    At the risk of sounding fluffy, I'm pretty fond of "We the people". It's something that Washington seems to have forgotten lately, is that it's a government of the people by the people for the people.

    Somehow, "people" doesn't seem to be a relevant part of the government process these days.
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    It's not just Washington. One thing that pains me more than most is the fact that most people on Earth would trade liberty for what they perceive as increased safety via more outside (read: government) control.

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