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Thread: That's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    Clinton has been the best president in my lifetime. I wouln't mind eight more years of him at all.
    I agree... I have only known two presidents in my life time... and Clinton kicks this ones ass.

    Too young to remember Bush Sr. and Reagan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enyo View Post
    Having watched both conventions and listened to the speeches for both parties, I've come to a conclusion.

    I want 8 more years of Bill Clinton.
    Yessssssss! But nooooooo, we've got Barama and Johnnycain. Laaaaaaame.

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    If Clinton had stuck to mere philandering it would have been tolerable. When he tried to screw over Paula Jones at trial and the feminists took up his cause, our political process became theatre of the absurd.

    Pat Ireland of all people was willing to consider a hummer or two to be the cost of doing business. Made me wonder where her ethics went.

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