What's your views on nukes and other forms of defence? I'm interested since the renewal of the trident missile system is a hot topic in the UK, the consensus among most of the political classes is that renewing it is a good thing, that a nuclear deterrence is a good thing but the leader of the Labour Party is a life long campaigner against it and has said that he himself would never ever exercise the nuclear option if he were ever in a position to do so himself as a PM.

The thing is that there are figures within the armed forces, conventional warfare figures, who are very jealous of the trident budget, some of them have cross party support, and favour instead conventional options like warships, helicopters and transport options for troops and elite or veteran forces instead.

This week I saw on a facebook newsfeed a bizarre "mini-nuke" which was fireable from a little tripod of a thing and supposedly could be fired by a small team of two or three soldiers, I'm assuming that they'd not be able to get clear of the blast zone themselves though, it was a very old picture and seemed crazy, like something from Fallout but this is a legit feed which usually carries stories about world war two tank battles and other photographs from WW2.

The prospect of terrorists getting their hands on that sort of tech or suitcase bombs seemed a bit scary, I'm not a fan of those sorts of weapons, nor WMDs at all, even if it would result in much longer, much more drawn out conflicts. Maybe I'm an out and out civilian for thinking so but that's how I feel. What do you think?