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    Default Gender bill of rights (Write your own)

    Congratulations, the Gender Egalitarian Society has recently gained enough political leverage to sign a gender rights bill into law, but they are not sure what it should include, and so they've decided to entrust you to write the bill for them.

    What topics do you think should be included int his bill, what issues would you like it to tackle, and how would you like it to tackle them? Here's your chance to write your own bill of gender rights, they way you see fit.

    (Splintered from the 3rd wave feminism debate).

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    This bill needs only one statement: In matters of law and public policy, gender will not be considered in any way.

    Since you call this a "Bill of Rights" it will govern only legal and policy aspects of gender. By this I mean it will not constrain personal actions, such as whom to befriend or date, how an individual family organizes its responsibilities, or (at least in nations that separate church and state) anything related to the practice of religion. I agree for the most part that these spheres of life should not be regulated by government. The fact that they are not, however, leaves considerable social pressure for gender conformity even when/if all legal and procedural constraints are gone.
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    Default Gender bill of rights (Write your own)

    I am not big on words so I think a gender bill of rights should be as simple as posable and simply say no one may discriminate negatively against another based upon there gender: hermaphrodite / male / female .

    Gender Bill Of Rights.

    If you are angry with another that is of the same gender or opposite gender or strangely different gender you may, kick punch or scratch when In gagging in physical combat with a person of the same or a different gender But...You...may never make reference to there intelligence or wait or appearance and it is now deemed a. taboo to attack an individual based solely upon on a gender based issue or bias.
    This Bill Of Rights Acknowledges The Human Right To Kick Ass And Get Things Done.

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