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    Default Latvian military invasion plans leaked

    Latvian military invasion plans leaked | News | ERR

    Latvian military invasion plans leaked

    Juhan-Markus Laats
    Today 14:58
    Category: Politics

    The Estonian Security Service has managed to get hold of Latvian military plans for an invasion of Estonia and the 19,190-page document was leaked to the media on April 1.

    Estonia has long believed such a document existed and it is now able to shout out a big “I told you so” to Western powers, which have long downplayed Latvian aggression as just harmless banter.

    Latvian-Estonian political differences have been apparent since the fall of the Soviet Union, with Latvia accusing Estonia of repressing its Latvian minority, which numbers a healthy 1,716.

    Latvia has regularly held mass military maneuvers and stationed sophisticated weapons near the Estonian borders while Estonia has lobbied Western nations and other NATO allies for permanent troops and other deterrence methods.

    The main points of the attack are:

    * an armored attack on Ruhnu island using the nation's tank, which can be used once the sea is frozen over
    * Pärnu Bay will be closed off by mines, trapping the Estonian fleet there
    * all of Latvia's An-2s will be used to deploy a paratroop company near Sillamäe, cutting Estonia's energy supplies
    * Latvia's six helicopters should win air supremacy
    * the focal point of the land attack will be Valga, which the plan claims is already half conquered
    * at least 600 men of Latvia's entire 4,000-strong army will take part in the first attack on Valga, with platoon-size units being sent to take Tartu and Võru

    The plan also focuses on the political side, saying it will be easy to win hearts and minds in Tartu and other South Estonian settlements. The plan says research missions have shown the region is unhappy with the dominance of Tallinn and would be willing to switch sides to form the autonomous region of North Livonia under Riga's rule.

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    What's more likely? That those countries are planning aggression against one another or its yet another attempt to destabilise the region by Czar Vladimir?

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    So.. I guess they do April fools in Estonia?
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    So.. I guess they do April fools in Estonia?
    Nice one

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