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    Default First Church of Cannabis

    If the Religious Freedom Act doesn't get overturned (which I hope it will), I really hope this works out for them. Not because I'm into weed, but because it will royally piss off a lot of conservatives.

    The First Church of Cannabis was approved after Indiana’s religious freedom law was passed - The Washington Post
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    Ur funny

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    ah yes... my state's idiot moment in the sun

    funny how it's united a lot of groups that normally can't stand one another in their disapproval of it though...

    I'm all for it... go pot church! I'm not even a fan of smoking illicit substances, but if they're going to make the law to get something they want (to discriminate against other people) then they should get to see some of the logical conclusions
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    I actually don't like this. For lack of a better term, it's trolling. Pretty much anytime such a thing is done I get ticked off by it, regardless of what it's for. It's so petty.

    With that said, I do understand why it is being done. This "religious freedom" bill is a piece of motherfucking trash. I was LIVID when I learned this came to be. There isn't anything anyone can do to get rid of the law except for exploiting the holes in it and turn it against itself. The principle of doing that sort of thing bothers me to my core, but what else can be done? This law is clearly wrong and ill-conceived on so many levels it makes my head fall off. I guess I'm stuck picking the lesser of two evils, but I don't like it at all.

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    I hate to break this to people, but this is highly unlikely to be a new development; the Federal government has been under a functionally identical act since 1993, its probably been challenged in this way before. Incidentally, religious objections to gay marriage had shit to do with the original, almost unanimous passage of the federal act back before the American left lost their collective shit and decided that promoting acceptance of gay America by depriving religious hold-outs of their livelihood was worth sacrificing centuries of advancement in First Amendment protections. Instead, they passed it, with liberals (who still deserved any association with that name at the time) and religious conservatives acting in unison to protect their pre-existing interpretation of First Amendment religious protections.

    Oh, and what were the most publically salient issues leading to the passage of the federal act at the time? Concern over the religious rights of American Indians, including the right to use MOTHER-FUCKING PEYOTE in syncretic tribal religious ceremonies! So in the first place, this is not going stick it to those horrible horrible conservatives (religious or otherwise) who, on this issue, are not the ones to suddenly change their convictions the moment they became inconvenient to other agendas, and in the second place, this has probably already been tried before, and for whatever reason the courts decided that they didn't pass the test.
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