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    Default The future has been cancelled

    What about this idea?

    I'm reading a lot of the cutting edge of social and cultural criticism and the moment, a lot of it is pretty intellectual and I'm not sure doesnt fit into the bracket of self-sustaining critique, whether its a livelihood or simply a way of life for the authors, but some of it is good, exposing ways in which neo-liberalism has intruded upon, co-opted or infiltrated, and even sometimes animated (no sense not giving it its dues), just about every social trend going.

    Some of this involves delusional thinking, I'm in two minds about this idea because some of what is criticized as delusional in moderation I've seen prove very useful to people, so when 100 candidates apply for a single post and 99 fail they are more likely to believe they have to do more work on their self and its saleability than to accept there's a fundamental supply and demand issue there, ultimately this is a little like believing that the external world will be changed by the power of your mind and how you think about it, which is a little schizophrenic or, as I say, delusional.

    Anyway, that is just the unconscious or unawares trending nature of things, one of the trends, the one I'm focusing on with this thread, is that the future is cancelled which doesnt mean necessarily that there is not change or development in technology or even sophistication in thinking but that the earlier myriad ideas about progress have been abandoned, implicitly or explicitly the status quo is what counts and everyone ought to have lower expectations to be happy, more precisely have no hope for tommorrow.

    I find this idea both intriguing and persuasive, I like to read a lot of science fiction, imaginative fiction, futuristic fiction and I like TV shows, films and other media, even music, which in some ways reflects that too because I like the element of hope within it, the idea of a better tommorrow or the world to come which I think had religion for a vehicle (positing, usually, the world to come as an eventuality or elsewhere and even both in the case of Christianity) for a while, even political ideologies, was a big part of it.

    The thing is there's not so much of that being produced anymore, its disappeared, if there's a brain drain there's as much a creativity drain too. Its not so much that its a political posit that There Is No Alternative (TINA) but no alternative is imaginable. So everything becomes a kind of "tinkering" exercise instead, identity politics, intergroup antagonism take on a renewed significance as the only politics that exist or ever really did.

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    That's a long-winded way of saying everyone should be accepting of specific assumptions and ignorance is bliss. It's conditional I think on the context, the individual and the larger groupings. Sometimes it isn't a bad idea to be more accepting of a situation or environment but that's often (not always) extremely personal. You could be really facetious or hyperbolic about what that situation is as well.

    As for the 99 applying and the 100th getting it as an example of people denying a reality in favour of personal development is...odd. Why can't it be both? If there is a supply and demand issue, that doesn't mean that the reason the other 99 didn't get picked isn't also to do with how they sold themselves for that position. So working hard to be the 100th next time that situation arises isn't such a delusional thing. Where that would become an actual issue is once again for the individual, say if they beat themselves up about not getting the post and it drives them to some extreme act.

    And when you talk of the vehicle of religion driving the notion of aiming towards something I have to ask who invented the vehicle behind religion?

    Also the notion of the future has been cancelled sounds a lot like a zen state of mind. Although I'll also say that our species' penchant for hoping has led for a lot of exploitation through 'jam tomorrow' techniques.
    'One of (Lucas) Cranach's masterpieces, discussed by (Joseph) Koerner, is in it's self-referentiality the perfect expression of left-hemisphere emptiness and a precursor of post-modernism. There is no longer anything to point to beyond, nothing Other, so it points pointlessly to itself.' - Iain McGilChrist

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