Do you think that online lives are always online lies, how typical do you think things such as those portrayed in the documentary (or mockumentary depending on whether you believe it was a spontaneous production) movie Catfish are?

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These things are not without precident, either in urban myths, the lies ranging from the simple but horrifically criminal, such as date rapes or organ theft from people drugged after a meeting (unlike it being "for a date" the stories I have heard of this which I would treat as credible instead involve people being enticed with the promises of job interviews and involve phishing or phony websites very similar to the originals), to more modest but weird.

Before the internet took off completely but following the inclusion of eastern european states in the EU and opening up of eastern europe to the world I heard about a lot of scams operating through pen pals networks, I received letters from one myself and found it pretty amusing because I wasnt taken in (when someone sends you a "picture" which is obviously from a magazine and then two or three letters later appeals for hard cash because a bizarre sequence of events leaves then destitute). I did hear about some poor pensioners in the mainland UK draining their accounts to send small amounts of money to scammers like that imagining that they were doing some good instead.

So I'm not sure that the internet causes this so much as provides an outlet for people who would do this sort of thing anyway.