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    Default UK's first 'poo bus' goes into regular service

    UK's first 'poo bus' goes into regular service | UK news | The Guardian

    UK's first 'poo bus' goes into regular service

    Bio-Bus fuelled by human and household waste, which first ran between Bristol and Bath, will operate 15-mile route four days a week

    Britain’s first “poo bus”, which runs on human and household waste, goes into regular service this month.

    Powered by biomethane gas, the Bio-Bus will use waste from more than 32,000 households along its 15-mile route.

    Operated by First West of England, the bus will fill up at a site in Avonmouth, Bristol, where sewage and inedible food waste is turned into biomethane gas.

    The bus, which can seat up to 40 people, was unveiled last autumn. First is showing the bus in Bristol on Tuesday before it starts operating four days a week from 25 March.

    If the scheme is successful, First will consider introducing more “poo buses”. The managing director, James Freeman, said: “Since its original unveiling last year, the Bio-Bus has generated worldwide attention and so it’s our great privilege to bring it to the city.

    “The Bio-Bus previously made an appearance running between Bath and Bristol airport at the end of last year, but it’s only actually been used once before in the centre of Bristol itself.

    “The very fact that it’s running in the city should help to open up a serious debate about how buses are best fuelled, and what is good for the environment.”
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    I think bio-diesel is a better idea than ethanol or methane based eco-fuels.

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    People finally have a reason to put literal truth to the saying that "their shit stinks". Because that smell is part of the gas that fuels this bus!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I think bio-diesel is a better idea than ethanol or methane based eco-fuels.
    Why? Diesel engines by their nature produce considerably more particulate matter and nitrogen oxides as products of combustion. Diesels are noisy, sooty, smelly, and their tailpipe emissions contribute to acid rain and ozone depletion.

    Methane burns much, much cleaner. (So does ethanol however most of it is made from corn; burning our food for fuel isn't the wisest use of arable land.)

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