I hate this idea of complaining or highlighting spoilers, you know what's a spoiler? That you cant talk about shows or films or media or life for fear of creating a "spoiler", I think that's more of a problem.

The typical conversation I imagine being about film or TV or books years ago wouldnt have worried about this at all, or, as I feel about these things, plot reveals and content reveals wouldnt matter because you would still want to read or experience the book or movie first hand, I've read revealing reviews and wikis, I've not decided as a result its not worth, seeing, reading etc.

Do you think that TV and media has become so reliant upon supposed twists or turns or surprises and other theatrical gimicks that there is nothing to delivery, nothing in the performance itself that if you have any idea of clue to how it will play out that there's no point in experiencing it in the first place?

Like I'm thinking of Shakespeare, the most famous plays people know or can guess at the content because it been filtered through or disseminated through popular culture, but people are not liable to decide not to go to a performance or watch a TV production or whatever as a consequence are they?

Its one of those things that pisses me off, people complaining about that, I could create a blog called Lark fucking hates everything today though so.