Probably, yes. To me, any advertisements for military recruitment are automatic propaganda, however well-intentioned it might be. Same applies for campaign advertisement and a few news broadcasts, though the latter generally requires more thought as to whether or not it is propaganda.

Not that propaganda is inherently evil; it would surprise me if the US military wasn't planning to mobilize against ISIL, so recruitment propaganda is absolutely necessary, and since it's for a good cause ("degrading and destroying ISIL," as our oh-so-brilliant strategist of a president likes to say about his near-useless airstrikes) I'm fine with it. Pretty much anything relating to war against ISIL is okay by my standards; we have to take them out, and if propaganda is necessary to convince the public of that, then so be it.

Needless to say, I think we need more direct measures if we want to take out ISIL, but I digress. I think I'm pretty good at sorting out propaganda from normal info overall, but some probably slips underneath my radar, albeit rarely.