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    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passacaglia View Post Sounds like these kids got far enough into Philosophy 101 to use big words, but not far enough to understand it.

    The funny thing is, the way you describe these activists is pretty much spot-on how the liberals I know see conservatives, and vice versa.
    Well, there's a similar dynamic at play, I think. I have my own preferences, for certain, but I try to step outside the line of ideology and see what else might be going on.
    The gloves are off...
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    What you on about?

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    Do not be mislead by the title: this is a well-written introductory article for people who aren't familiar about the history of SJW-ism. It ties in many of the things I've been saying over the past week.

    Servile Insurrection: We Must Now Fight Back Against The Social Justice Warriors In The Metal Scene

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