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    Default Offence, social media and one arsehole's jokes about violent subhuman crime

    Frankie Boyle: “Taking offence is often simply an attempt to deny reality”

    I really dont agree with this guy about joking about rape, I cant think of anything worse really, and I really dont agree with him about trolling either, its not healthy and it shouldnt be typical of anyone teenagers or not, but I cant help but think the whole idea of offence being a policeable matter which legal sanction is a little concerning.

    It is likely to mean the diversion of resources away from other things which I think are more serious, I also think it empowers the people making the offensive remarks no end and gives them a certain sort of satisfaction, what you resist, persists as they say because in nine out of ten cases the resistance provides the target with all the motivation they need to carry on, it could be that having the opposition forms the greater part of an unexamined raison detre (I'm not thinking of minority or niche sexual politics here before anyone pigeon holes this post, I am actually thinking of the dynamics of the violent conflict in Northern Ireland its legacy).

    Also, I dont like that comedians like this guy, who I incidently dont think is funny at all and only know about because of this controversy they are whipping up (much like Russell Brand but from a different angle), can achieve a profile in this way.

    Its a major example of feeding the trolls and the way the internet and social media permits everyone a platform and fools a lot of people into thinking they are being compelled to pay attention, both the protagonist and the antagonist imagine there's a vital gallery of others who are either supportive/listening in the first place or whose opinion matters and need to be won over/protected from the same.

    Anyway, thoughts and opinions? Have you heard about this?

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    I think "offense" is most often used as a way to shut people up without offering alternative thoughts. If your beliefs and ideals are so weak that they cannot tolerate the existence of an alternate point of view, they merit no respect from me. Besides, a defeated opponent does not look like a martyr. A defeated opponent looks foolish, not brave. Nobody will follow a fool. In other words, make sure detestable people don't look like martyrs. That's one of the best things that can happen to them.

    "Offense" is frequently used against people who share some political affinities, but don't fully accept all the correct dogmas. The way it is applied now has very little to do with protecting people from stereotypes or slurs (which would be a laudable goal, regardless of how effective it may or may not be as a tactic). I don't see it used against opponents, but, rather, as a method of keeping dissenters in line. If Charlie Hebdo had been a right-wing publication, I don't think we would have seen a #JeNeSuisPasCharlieHebdo.

    Someone's worldview should be based on things in the world, and should shift and accommodate themselves to accept new data. If someone thinks that's selling out, I'm proud to be a sell-out.

    I will add a caveat:

    I might be willing to make common cause with the movement against offense if it did not so often seem to me that, at the same time they want to be protected from "offense", they want to be free to offend others. Either everyone should be protected from offense, or no one should. While systemic inequalities exist, they don't excuse hateful behavior or somehow make it more morally praiseworthy. Hateful behavior certainly doesn't help build a better world. I want a better world, rather than swapping one set of assholes for another.
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