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    I'm an optimist (according to a silly personality test), so I think things will turn out all right in the long run. In the event of a worst case scenario like nuclear holocaust...I was getting a bit bored with the modern world anyway. Maybe I'll join the Main Force Patrol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Provoker View Post

    This goes to the question of motive, and this is really pure speculation but I see motive on behalf of the Americans to manufacture a new enemy to mobilize republican support for the upcoming elections. As it stands, McCain is clinging to Bush's policies and the American people have had it with Iraq. It's a known fact that it was a sham and the people were lied to and it's costing the economy dearly. Americans want change. In most presidential elections, it boils down to a single question that people ask themselves when they go to the ballot box. For this election, the main question so far is whether to keep the war policy in Iraq or bring the troops back. And so far the concensus is to bring the troops back, this is the essence of Obama's popularity among other things. However, because McCain has already clinged to his unwise strategy (it would have been more strategic to make the ballot question about something else for the republicans to have a shot) they're trying to manufacture a new enemy so that they can a) continue the military industrial complex and b) generate new enemies and fear of a war in which case the media will play to McCains war experience and give him a shot at winning the election. Being an experienced war veterine is only powerful if there is a war or something to be feared. If you want motive - there it is. But then we ask other questions, there is a powerful faction in the US that wants the troops kept in Iraq for oil. Despite it costing American taxpayers dearly, there is a small faction benefiting and if the troops are removed their investments are no longer secure. In my judgement, it is extremely political and what worries me is that the US government has several times through out history used war to unite the country around election time. It's cunning bullshit politics that exploits fear and passion rather than reason to mobilize support and gain victory. I'll be damned if McCain gets in office or if the American people get cajouled into this whole little scheme - afterall the voted for Bush for two terms which suggests that anything can happen. I really hope Americans will see the truth and vote for Obama because this policy can't go on forever and I hope it stops at Obama but we know it definately doesn't stop with McCain (it would be a continuation of the same policy).
    Talking about war and the like ... America has never been a fatalistic culture, except to the extent we have always believed it our manifest destiny to be "progesssing" toward something or the other. Faced with the prospect of existential dread at our helplessness before the mysteries of life, we look for someone or something that can dispel that uncanny sensation. It is always fascinating for the outsider to read of the preparation of innocent young men and women to participate in routinized institutionalized violence, which is -- after all -- the essence of law school training. The system requires, first, the dehumanization of the self; then, by natural extension, the dehumanization of everyone else. This is the key to survival in a world where lives must be disposed of as cheaply and quickly as possible. It was Freud who first described the marriage between sensuality and organized violence. "Libido" refers not only to the sexual drive, but to all aggressive acts. In his dual instinct theory, Freud stated that libido and aggression come under broader biological principles Eros (love) and Thanatos (death and self-destruction). More recent psychological theorists suggest that war -- including a nation's insatiable hunger for military power and the passion for armaments -- arises from a deep-seated fear of death, a fear that is, naturally, basic to the human condition. This death fear creates the paradoxical situation where institutionalized murder (war, capital punishment, "right to bear arms," mob violence, legitimized military statism) grows out of something known as "radical pain."

    According to this theory, there are three types of pain:

    - Physical pain (old age, sickness, and dying);
    - Emotional pain (being away from a loved one, being forced to be with people one hates); and
    - Radical pain (knowledge -- or fear of knowledge -- of the intransigence of life, and one's own inevitable move towards chaos and entropy).

    In other words, the lunacy of a Hitler or a Pol Pot (or even America's own militarists) grows out of an unacknowledged and unrecognized terror of the inevitable, the most inevitable fact of life. Namely, death.

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