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    Default Is child abuse and exploitation less likely than it once was?

    I have been listening to some of the talk in the house of commons today about the child abuse inquiry in Rochdale and thinking about it and the other uncovering of massive child abuse, often institutional in nature, in secular and religious contexts.

    The question I would ask is does anyone think that as a result of any of these stories and coverage do you think that it is less likely to occur again, do you think there has been any cultural shift or change of hearts and minds which is likely to be preventative of anything like it occuring again in the future?

    It shocks me consider how it could have all happened in the first place but I am also a little cynical about whether individuals with this inclination can be stopped, I certainly think that the people who are working professionally to prevent it are often out witted themselves, they dont communicate and certainly, because they dont exhibit the same personality or character flaws largely, they dont "obsess" or exhibit the same sort of focus in stopping the perpetrators as the perpetrators do in abusing or exploiting others. I also think that if an area is really well policed it moves the problem on. I think that trafficking and gross economic inequalities have a role in all this too. So the appearence of a decline in abuse and exploitation may be a sign that it has moved to another global patch.

    Still I believe that it is probably one of the most important things to fight and eradicate that there is.

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    I believe human trafficking is higher than ever, so I'd be reticent to say it is on the decline, as they kind of go hand in hand (at least in my mind). Also, our culture is becoming more and more sexualized, and chlldren are exposed to sexual imagery from younger and younger ages. So much sexual energy flying around seems like it would correlate with increased incidences of abuse, not less.

    But as to your question, any time you raise awareness and consciousness about an issue, that issue seems to lose its power and starts to decline. Look at the civil rights movement and LGBT movements. Each generation is more aware of an oppression that has previously been hidden.

    Probably THE MOST effective and powerful thing is victims' voices speaking out. What is more effective than seeing a black man hanging from a tree, surrounded by a mob of men in hoods? What is more effective than seeing a gay boy beat up by a gang of big athletes? What is more effective than seeing a bruised and battered woman? How could anyone turn a cold heart to an adult or child victim who recounts being raped by their family member in their own bed??

    Hearing victims' stories force us to consider what we previously have been ignorant to. Seeing victims' struggles force us to take the issue seriously.
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